Kratos Picture

The second oldest of the four children of Pallas and Styx, Kratos is a brilliant warrior, fearless and ruthless. However, Altar has been at peace for many centuries. Kratos' war mongering ways angered his parents and the population of Altar, his popularity plummeted and he became the last in line to the throne out of the four. He grew angry at his parents peaceful ways and tried to start a revolution against them, but his plans failed and he was captured and banished to a distant hellish planet. His anger turning into hatred and a lust for revenge. When he found out that his sister, Nike, had become stranded on Earth, he escaped his prison and travelled to Earth, hoping to kill her. He planned to kill his siblings, leaving him as the only heir to the throne. However, his plans where foiled by Pride and his other siblings. He may have been defeated, but he has always returned trying to conquer Altar and Earth.
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