SW_Pantheon-Cerehosis Picture

Cerehosis- Goddess of Knowledge, Art, and Magic. She is worshipped by sorcerers, scholars, and artists. Her blessings generally impart intelligence, imagination, and inspiration. In some myths, it is believed that after the three creator gods shaped the world, Cerehosis imbued the planet with magic and granted the races of the world with knowledge of how to use it. In fairy myth, they believe Cerehosis is their creator as fairies are the most magical of races in Asnorit. She is generally portrayed as a woman with dark golden hair and dressed in royal violet mage’s robes. Her symbol is a feathered quill with a scroll. Her corresponding animals are the owl, the gorilla, and the arctic lung dragon.

Another addition to the pantheon, this time focused on the goddess Cerehosis, who is responsible for breathing magic into the world of Asnorit. I really enjoyed doing her design, giving her this regal and intellectual feel. Please Enjoy.

Something Wicked©Me and Lordryunson

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