Dahlia relaxing in the Catfish Room sort of Picture

This a artwork based off of Cervidian94's character Dahlia cervidian94.deviantart.com/art… It was made with a mix of his line artworks and some poses from senshistock.deviantart.com/ to show her taking a nap while this giant pet Channel Catfish is investigating her. Luckily for her about a foot of clear space glass is keeping the giant catfish from trying to eat her.

The idea behind this artwork is to show how each character Kaneshia and each of her friends each have a different experience in Lilliput.

It had all been a interesting day for the ship's female Mornecian engineer Dahlia after the strange neutron star blowing up and Kaneshia accidentally teleporting their ship into the Lilliput star system. It was also strange how when only a hour or two pasted after the neutron star exploded that none of their where blinded or burned or harmed in away that they thought it would happen such as with getting hit with deadly space radiation. Instead something strange happened her and her fellow ship mates who where accidentally outside of the starship's anti radiation shelter instead they all felt painful hunger instead. With in two hours after her and her friends had devoured the ship's ten week food supply she remembered having a fight with her ship mates over the last box of Twinkies. It also made her wounder if her crew was lucky that they where all mostly vegetarian in that if it had been a crew of Brim or some other meat eating species they most likely would have eaten one another by now. But after running out of food on their alien ship there substitute ship pilot Rena decided to land on the planet Lilliput to go hunt for food.

Of course this food hunting expedition didn't go as planned when the Lilliputians captured them for being with out a interplanetary visitation permit and not to mention towed their ship. They had to go before the King of Lilliput do to them being from what the Lilliputians called the Out of Worlders. What ended up happening though in her case was she said, "Cool we get to meet the King of Lilliput." The Lilliputians around them didn't seem that happy about her saying this. Instead they said to her and her friends, "If you are lucky you will get the guy with the short hair that is the Prince of Lilliput. But if the other balded headed guy is awake who is the King of Lilliput or is in the mood to make fun of condemned prisoners by calling them losers your day is shot and most likely you and your friends will not get to get off of this planet with your dignity. Dahlia said, "So who do we have today?"

Meanwhile Prince Lotto walked out for the royal secession of Lilliputian Court and looked at her and her friends and was surprised to see them here. He said, "So what brings you guys to Lilliput I mean you could have called instead?" Dahlia said, "Ah a neutron star melted down and well now we are here." He said, "Ok you guys are forgiven for trespassing and your welcome to stay at the castle for a few weeks if you want in till you can fix your ship." She said, "That is nice of you." Suddenly the ground turned dark and a demon entered the room or was it the King of Lilliput. Suddenly someone jumped out a window saying it was him!" Kaneshia screamed and said, "It's the mythological demon from Cerivda the one where if you don't leave a pie on your window sill he will come in and eat your yearlings." Lotto said, "Hum that might be something he might do but he'll most likely eat the pie and your kids. That would explain why Berry enjoyed himself on that trip to your village. He had so much pie he got stuck in the Security scanner at the star port. "

Suddenly King Berry walked in and said, "Good morning Losers." His brother said, "You know it's past 2.00PM you missed like four hours of royal court secession." King Berry said, "Ah well it's time to detriment some losers fate now!" He looked at them and said, "How did you manage to secure such a large supply of females?" His brother said they crashed here by accident but will have to leave soon." King Berry sad, "No they won't women are in short supply here like electric car chargers and hamster food along with light blubs they can not leave!"

Dahlia said, "Cool so we get to stay here rent free?" "Of course. Said, King Berry.

Meanwhile a few hours later Dahlia found that strange growing burning hunger had returned and that for some reason she found that her clothes had become a few sizes smaller and her Lilliputian friends shrank by a few inches. But luckily for her the Lilliputians had plenty of food for her devour and they had free booze. She was quite pleased by this and quickly ate and drank as much as she wanted that evening for dinner and finally felt full and very tried. She also had to lath in that Galameeda had ditched them earlier at the last star port to go after a giant stash of free booze on a Deserted Planet he had heard about. What he didn't know was that the Lilliputians had the good expensive stuff like Lilliputian Wine and Lilliput Liquors that was free at the castle. While according to the Prince of Lilliput the Deserted Planet had the lousy watered down Cheap stuff the Brim and the J Brothers drank to get hammed and it also according to legend tasted and smelled like a fat man's gym shorts.

Meanwhile after eating dinner Dahlia was quite shocked to find that her guest room had of all things a giant 20 foot deep by 40 foot wide viewing window into it into a giant 538,597,402 gallon water filled aquarium. She didn't see anything in the aquarium at the time she laid down to get some sleep. But later around 1.00AM in the morning when she had a case of the munches and went to get something to eat. When she came back into her room she turned on the light and had found out that a giant 40 foot Channel Catfish had came over to the fish tank window and had been watching her for half the night. She was quite scared of it. But the next morning she was told that the giant fish only eats giant basket ball sized fish pellets and that yes this was the same giant Channel Catfish used in that Mornecian horror movie that was like their version of the Movie Jaws called Whiskers. She also asked why the Lilliputian royals had such a love of with fish tanks it's like you guys built a giant fish tank and lowered the castle into it." Prince Lotto said, "Ah about lowering the castle into a giant fish tank we are getting together to build a five billion gallon one where we will build a giant dome around the castle and then build a giant fish tank around it. It will be part of a massive public works project that will put thousands of unemployed people back to work." She said, "You people are animals."
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