Blemmy Picture

(Terran Sphere) A Blemmy, Blemmys are native to the planet Sekhmet and are named after the headless men of ancient terran mythology. The native life of Sekhmet is Radially symetrical descended from a starfishlike ansestor, with creatures having four limbs, four nostrils, four mouthpeices, eight eyes and a two way digestive system, excreting through their mouths. Blemmys are unusal in that they have developed a more bilateral body shape and have a vaugely humanoid body structure. The two lower eyes provide rear vision for the creature. There are over one thousand four hundred species of Blemmys in existance, ranging from the Prarie dog sized Northern Dwarf Burrowing Blemmy to the 3 meter tall Titan Blemmy, one of the planet's more sucsessful browser, using it's long arms to reach high into trees to get at braches. Like most of their Superphylum, Blemmys have four sexual organs, although one of them (the top one) has atrofied into non fuctionality. Each sexual organ can be either male or female. Blemmys usually have some pattern on their backside which varries from species to species.

One Genus of Blemmys known as the Bushwackers were of interest to the Humans which colonized Sekhmut in the 15th century AT. Bushwackers were social omnivores notable for their use of tools (most notably clubs) and were deemed to be as intelligent as early hominids. In the 17th century, two species of Bushwackers were uplifted to sapience and intergrated into the human civilization of Sekhmut. Today these species have grown to be the largest extraterrestrial minority in the Novan Empire
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