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This goes out to every person who's ever been harrassed, doxed, spammed, or worse at the hands of the perpetually offended regressive emotionally-and-intellectually-underdeveloped womanchildren currently giving tumblr such a bad name, its very existence has become synonymous with the festering infection that has taken hold of tumblr and spreads with every day. There are a few things on the list of things I hate. Logical Fallacies. Violent cowards. People unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions. Those who seek to hide the truth and replace it with a prettier lie. Hypocrites (I am not a religious man, but even Jesus hated those). Idiots. Shovelware. Those fearful cowards that cling to the status quo and fear anything new like their lives depend on it. Anti-science fearmongering. And everything I hate seems to be perfectually embodied by the hate group with the unfitting name of SJW. Yes, even Shovelware, for one of their leaders under their protection, a proven con-artist still living it up, guarded by those psychotic witch-hunters created a terrible game... and then intentionally sought out people who disliked her game, harassed depressed and suicidal people on a forum for the suicidal and depressed until they snapped and gave her what she wanted, and proceeded to cry wolf until she was sitting pretty at the top of the shitpile, leading due to being one of the loudest, whiniest, and most pathetic around.

But we're not here to talk about those, and the backlash against them and their chokehold on gaming journalism, or sci-fi award groups, or anything else on the list that seems to grow each day as more scandals are uncovered and more once-terrified people are willing to come forward with their stories and evidence.

We're here to talk about the people that harass Steven Universe fans and Undertale fans and fans of many more shows into suicide, who seek to ruin the careers of good people, who seek to ruin everything they do not approve of... and with their twisted pseudo-morals and skewed worldviews, it is literally impossible not to trigger one of the mines in the minefield that is the brain of a mentally unstable SJW paladin, no matter how light or careful your step. I'm not going to call them liberals or claim that this is what happens when liberalism is taken too far, these people have gone too far into their own worlds to be addressed as anything other than SJW. I have liberal friends that find them just as disgusting and pathetic as my conservative friends, my democrat friends, my republican friends, and my friends that have their own entirely different political ideologies find them. These people are universally looked down upon and reviled, yet nobody is willing to step up and say anything, save throwing out the occasional webcomic or meme that says what we're all thinking. Why do they not stand up and start a proper campaign where they seek to inform the public of the SJWs and the damage they can and do cause everywhere they go? They are afraid.

People commonly see these SJWs acting badly, and they laugh at the victims of SJWs, blaming the victims and telling themselves the poor fools brought it on themselves by challenging people that are better left alone. Let sleeping dogs lie, especially if those dogs are rabid and spread disease by biting others. I remember being taught an old poem in school about someone that allowed World War 2 and The Holocaust to happen and get as bad as it did, for "They" only came for his friends, neighbours, and everyone close to the viewpoint character, not that this character cared or was willing to stand up... and then "They" came for that character, and there was nobody left to save them. The staff certainly repeated that poem to the pupils enough times, though they never told anyone its significance. Here, I see this poem's significance. I initially thought only those who stood up and pointed out the flaws of the SJW machine, mythology, and methods would be targeted for slander and defamation of character. But no. They target everything. Everything you love, no matter what it is, has a place on their Sh*t List: The List of things to smear with their own Sh*t and flush down the Sh*tter, where it will never be seen again. If you have ever laughed at a joke, no matter what it is, a SJW will find a way to twist it into being offensive, even if it's as harmless as a joke about pudding or censorship itself. If there is a television show you like, be it Doctor Who, Sherlock, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Rick And Morty, Adventure Time, One Punch Man, anything, these people will destroy it when they have finished destroying the higher-priority targets on their list.

The SJWs come in two flavours. Tyrants seek to destroy their rivals and market the SJW-approved trash they create to the Useful Idiots, their closed-minded consumers that will never buy anything that isn't SJW-approved, and feel immense guilt over being born male, or born female and "cis" (A non-transsexual person that identifies as the gender they were born with. Simply put, a male that says "Hi, I'm male" or a female that says "Hi, I'm female", rather than a woman that says "Hi, I sexually identify as a flower, and you will refer to me with the pronouns Flir, Flowem, and Flowself". Yes, that does sound like an oddly-specific way of saying 'Person okay with their gender'. To this day, I'm not sure if Cis is an actual word or something they made up), or born fully-abled, to the point where to feel better about who they are, they must invent their own nonsensical pronouns that mock the people who would actually rather use It/It's or Xhe/Xir without people lumping them in with the living embarassment that is the SJW army, where they come up with concepts such as Trans-Abled, where they choose to live like a disabled person, and where their own existence and the battle raging within their own minds under the name of Dysphoria caused by constant Mental Gymnastics and Cognitive Dissonance fills their unstable minds with the rage needed to risk their lives destroying the livelihoods of someone else. Crushing someone, anyone, even someone completely innocent, gives them a rush, just as the feeling of agreeing with their own "Love yourself no matter what you are or what you do. Choose mediocrity as your special talent. Improvement is bad, and so is ambition. Give up your Cutie Mark. You can't have a nightmare if you never dream! Free thinking is bad." thoughts gives them a rush, and drugs give their addicts a rush. A rush that fades every time they feel it, a problem that drives SJWs to seek out bigger and more meaningful ways to serve the SJW cause, and hastily swallow anything their leaders spew out as long as it is phrased to appeal to them and their quest to continue to live in a fragile bubble where they are the happiest, prettiest, and specialest snowflake of all. Existence is pain for an SJW, and they will do anything to get the fix that makes their existence more bearable, even if that fix hurts others directly.

People have rights. Ideas do not. Mocking bad ideas and coming up with better ones is why mankind has come so far and left behind so much old-world BS the SJWs seek to bring back. These SJWs are people who use their own bad ideas to give themselves imaginary badges that make themselves immune to criticism and the consequences of their own actions, while behaving no better than a common gang of thugs. They harass people and break laws with the pettiest of justifications possible. They seek to turn the world into a totalitarian state where free thought and free will are censored. I am not trying to prey on your fears of such a world by saying that, because that is genuinely their mission statement: To censor the world with their "PC" nonsense. Censoring a person's speech won't change their thoughts or opinions about those around them, and when in public, their newspeak can be used against them if said in a sarcastic tone. For example: "Hey, look at that {beautiful and healthy} SJW. I bet her {totally legitimate} {gender studies degree} really helped her get that comfortable blue-collar job she's {800%} qualified for". Though, of course, there are male SJWs, and that's just an example of how using their newspeak can point out something I'm surprised more people don't understand: Language does not equal thought. And yes, I'm now going to take a completely out-of-place jab against writers that claim their super-awesome mary sue species is so amazing, it lacked a word for "Lie" or "Kill" before it met Humanity. That's stupid, and it only gets stupider if it's a society where deception would be used often, such as hunter-gatherers or a generic 'Everyone is some variety of lying noble' society, and the concept of deception would be something they'd have at least a passable understanding of. Ok, now, back to the actual important thing: SJWs.

The time for sitting around, hoping the SJWs don't come for you next... is over. The time for standing up and helping people hurt by the SJWs is now. There is an epidemic, and it is time to help those hurt by it, not try to keep your heads down while insisting that those victims brought it on themselves. The SJWs people cover up their crimes to look legitimate, and come up with newspeak buzzwords to sound legitimate. If you can reduce the fog that surrounds these people and hides them from sight, you have helped the people these monsters in the fog attack.

1. Turn off Anonymous Asks if you own a Tumblr account. Don't let these cowards hide behind masks of anonymity as they seek to ruin you and hide behind and inside their own mob. (Quick note: When the group Anonymous uses their anonymity to hide from the government and expose corruption, it isn't cowardice. Morality is a lot more complicated than 'Method X is cowardly, method Y is cool'. When the SJWs use anonymity to protect themselves as they harass, hurt, and try to ruin the lives of innocent people that were in the wrong place at the wrong time, that is cowardly. And also bad.)
2. Use proxies to ensure that your dedicated online SJW-fighting Truth-declaring persona is separate from your real-life body. These people can and will resort to the most cowardly tactics available, including mailing knives to your address, pulling fire alarms in conventions, calling in bomb threats, staging walkouts at speeches, playing air horns at speeches, and so much more. And before some SJW comes over to lazily post "Actually, we don't do that. Because I just said so, and a SJW's word is fact in SJW-world. So shut the hell up.", you should probably know that on this planet, we have something called evidence, and it supports the stories of the victims of SJWs, not the claims of SJWs. If I could remember where I saved that thing that debunked the myth of the wage gap, I'd probably post it as an example.
3. Spread. Awareness. Spread it everywhere. Spread it in places you wouldn't normally spread it. Tell your co-workers. Tell your kids, tell your wife, tell your husband, tell your cousins, tell your aunts and uncles. Tell the people on Facebook you don't actually know, yet have a spot on your friends list. Tell the people that watch your videos on youtube, even if you usually make sprite animations, talk shows, or even reaction vids. Put it on memes. Make memes out of it. Share images of things the SJWs have said and done. Make pages on Facebook. Make your own series of Youtube vids, like the /MLP/ Thread Simulators, except it's a video of you going through SJW-owned subreddits or tumblr blogs, showing their idiocy and their crimes to the world. Pierce the fog. Defy the liars, the cheats, the conartists, the hollow shells, defy them all. Become truth.
4. Remember that you can get shit done. You are strong. You are better than these SJWs. You can help to defeat them. Remember what happened to TheFineBros when they pulled their Copyright BS? Remember how much money corrupt gaming journalism companies lost due to lost ad revenue? You are more than a drop in a raincloud, you can make your own decisions and change the world you live in. You can become the hero of your own story.
5. You're a competent adult capable of making your own decisions (Probably?), so I won't say if you should or should not harass these SJWs back. Keep in mind that simply spreading awareness worked well enough for the Gamergaters. ...To a point. Yes, corrupt companies lost millions in ad revenue, but nothing was really done to the female con-artists that are still rolling in money to this day. But hey, at least people can now talk about it without having to worry about getting shadowbanned on reddit, their thread "Saged" on 4chan - yes, a site many believed to be one of the few censorship-free places on the internet - or getting copyright strikes on youtube for doing nothing wrong.
6. Youtube videos. Find the torrent that currently shares the anti-SJW videos taken down from youtube by the SJWs, and upload these videos to youtube, in parts if need be. Make your own video telling you how the SJWs harmed you or your fandom, or even just make a video about how much it sucks that some other person was harassed and attacked by the SJWs. Also, ensure that if anything of yours does get censored or taken down, you tell people about it.
7. If anyone says that you are "Just as bad as" the SJWs for doing something about them, laugh at them. There is evil in this world, and there is goodness. Evil doesn't win when good fights it, evil wins when good does nothing. It does not take two to start an argument. Victim-blaming is bad, and anything along those "Fighting is wrong, no matter the reason!" lines is idiotic nonsense your parents or staff members at your school likely said to avoid punishing someone in the wrong, because doing that would take effort, and it would be much easier to punish both people equally or try and convince them to settle things themselves, without the interference of staff members that don't deserve their jobs. Tell me, would WW2 have been better for everyone involved if the Allies had just let the Axis have their way? Yes, I brought up World War Two. Godwin's Law (First person to bring up Hitler loses the argument) applies to debaters calling their opponent a Nazi to try and get an emotional response from the crowd, not to people making legitimate comparisons involving Hitler or his Nazis and people using their methods, their beliefs, their buzzwords, or their tactics.
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