Nava-Verse Archives #32: Two Special Races Picture

CREATURE: The Drajelao is a beast–like giant humanoid that is by far the most powerful, blessed and awesome race in the Prime Galaxy, and stands more than fifty feet tall when standing upright, which also makes it the largest. They live on the planet Ultavnah in the Omega Octant, which is located so close to the local sun, Brighis, that no mortal creature could ever survive there... except a Drajelao (or one of the handful of other native species). Their skin is so tough and their bodies so heat–resistant that extreme temperatures are as nothing to them. Their durability value is over 10,000, which again is far and away the highest of any mortal humanoid.

Due to their massive size, the Drajelao race is comparatively tiny in number. Fewer than 1,000,000 of them live on Ultavnah, which is a very large planet capable of fitting tens of millions of average–sized humanoids. They mate and produce offspring only once during the course of their lifespan, which is longer than 200 years. They can also run on four legs / two legs and two arms at speeds of up to seventy miles per hour. Their elaborate tail structures serve no purpose other than to be beautiful.

They somewhat resemble the hellish Dragon demons of Dairckazz in scope and in form, the most notable physical difference being the fact that they have actual free–moving bodies with limbs, but physiology aside the Drajelaos are nothing like those mindless beasts. In fact, they are among the Godliest of races and despise all demons (to the point of it being excessive) while loving all that is natural and pure. God the Father may or may not have created them to be the ultimate defenders of the Prime Galaxy; in the Monolith War, the only large–scale conflict they were ever able to participate in, a single Drajelao, whose name has been lost to history, not only successfully fought off one hundred moderately powerful demons, including an Archfiend–level Entrorth, but managed to kill every single one of them. Other members of the race made similarly heroic accomplishments, with several Drajelaos playing an important role in the destruction of the Monolith itself.

Sadly, the Drajelao is now forever cut off from the rest of the Prime Galaxy thanks to (who else?) Lord Reson. Many centuries before the Relative Calendar was invented, he exhausted all the power he had been saving up since the birth of the Nava–Verse to create a permanent, impenetrable barrier preventing any living thing from entering or leaving the atmosphere of Ultavnah. This was the first ever public display of Reson’s power, and to this day it is still considered his greatest atrocity ever. Mortals and angels alike are still searching for a way to breach it.

CREATURE: The Rekadolay is the humanoid species of the planet Dexwhupra, which is located in the Sigma Octant. It boasts perhaps the single most unique trait of any mortal race. Physically, the Rekadolay has a fairly standard humanoid shape, reptile–like skin that is often somewhat slimy, and distinctive foot structures, noses and blue facial hair. The form of a young Rekadolay that is in the first stage of its life is short (less than four feet) and predominantly greenish in color. These young Rekadolays are generally timid, peaceful, and indifferent to large conflicts, similar to the Qendsewn, though not as intelligent.

There are a few different creatures that naturally undergo dramatic changes in form during their lives, but the Rekadolay is the only mortal humanoid among them. And even compared to these other creatures that exhibit metamorphosis, their transformation is drastically different in nature than any other creature. Simply put, Rekadolays have three "lives", and the first two times that one "dies", it regenerates into a different form, unless its body has been physically mutilated to a sufficient degree, due to said body containing small amounts of the type of Rainbow Energy that is used to resurrect certain angels; this is the only known natural occurrence of this sub–variety of energy in the mortal realm. There are three distinct "forms" of Rekadolay, and each individual of the race will exist as all three over the course of its natural life, beginning existence in the same initial, young form, and then assuming both of the two much larger "advanced forms" in either order. A young Rekadolay in its young form ages to maturity rapidly following birth, and upon regenerating into an advanced form, it is automatically fully grown to a size and stature larger substantially than that of any Rekadolay in its initial form.

Each of the three forms of the Rekadolay has a consistent general personality and alignment different from the other forms. The Next Testament mentions a basic system of moral evaluation developed by the humans on Earth, classifying any given individual into one of nine basic categories. In short, using the terms of this system, young Rekadolays are universally "True Neutral", while the two advanced forms are always "Chaotic Good" and "Lawful Evil", respectively. Thus, whenever a Rekadolay regenerates, the nature of its character changes along with its physical form, usually to an even more drastic extent; good ones become evil upon regenerating, and vice versa. This has caused great complications, conflict and confusion within the race's society, eventually resulting in the civilized portions of Dexwhupra being divided into three distinct regions, one for each form of Rekadolay. Upon regenerating into a different form and alignment, Rekadolays are generally exiled from their current regions and moved to other regions corresponding to their new forms and alignments. All three populations have mutually agreed to follow this practice civilly, rather than attacking their former brethren upon their transforming into oppositely–aligned forms, which used to happen often before these rules became firmly established.

The population of young Rekadolays inhabits the Southeastern part of Dexwhupra, while the "Good" ones occupy the Northeastern part, and the "Evil" ones co–own the entire Western hemisphere along with the Skellen, whom they share many of the same ideals with. This current arrangement came about as the result of a conflict known as the "War of Dexwhupra" that took place in Age 459, in which the Skellen attempted to take over the Rekadolay homeworld, and were sided with by the evil ones. After several cycles of costly fighting between the good Rekadolays and the combined forces of the Skellen and the evil Rekadolays, a compromise was made between the two sides agreeing to stop the fighting and redistribute control of the planet between the populations, giving the Skellen and evil Rekadolays the largest portion. This was notably a rare instance of the Skellen willingly and diplomatically cooperating with a race that they'd intended to conquer.

A young Rekadolay's durability value is 450–600, while the two advanced forms usually have at least 900. As the average natural lifespan for any one "form" of a Rekadolay is only about 30 years, the race's overall longevity is nothing extraordinary.
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