SMOCT 2 Dusk Bandit Ref Picture

He got a redesign! Well, mostly recolor. Also, I have no idea why he has a shiny inner cloak. He didn't used to in his senshi form, but for some odd reason the design just wasn't looking good without the shiny inner cloak that seems to have become the signature of my knights. He's spectating again this year along with Sailor Wing.


First Name: Alexander
Last Name: Rigello
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
History: Alex has two older brothers. The three of them are the princes of the kingdom on the planet of Karradan. While the planet is the second largest in size in the system, it has the smallest kingdom, and the fewest senshi. It is also the only kingdom in the system with no female senshi. Alex always knew he was meant to be Dusk Bandit, just as he knew his brothers would become Dawn Champion and Midnight Guardian. The three of them often would practice “fighting” each other to try to strengthen their powers, but it wasn’t enough. Not when their planet was attacked.
Alex’s eldest brother, Xavier, called for the council to meet and even had a fair arranged to try to gather more than just the normal two representatives from each planet. Both Alex and his other brother, Felix, attended the fair to try to elect help from others. Whle searching, Alex met a strange girl. He found her by her tangled, yet vibrant, tapestry. He could see a person’s life as clearly as he could see the sky and stars of night. He couldn’t help but find her and talk to her. He told her everything short of the fact he was one of the princes that was having such a hard time defending Karradan. He also didn’t realize that while they were talking part of him was trying to untangle her tapestry. When the monsters attacked the fair he had tried to get the girl to stay hidden, but instead she ran right to the monsters.
Even though he knew he was no match for them, he still transformed just to try to keep her safe. When she attack and the monster tried to change her, and her tapestry, he fought the only way he how, by putting his full attention to trying to fix her tapestry. As he watched the threads of her tapestry it seemed as though a third party was trying to help fix it as well. Suddenly he and the monster were both thrown back as he saw the shape it had taken, she was a sailor senshi. With her help, as well as the help from her sisters and his brothers they were able to take care of the problems on Karradan, despite the council trying to say it was only the problem of Karradan.
Age: 19
Birthday: August 8
Alignment: Good
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Tone/Shade: lightly tanned
Height: 6ft 2in
Occupation: Prince
Personality: Alex loves being around people, whether it’s just one or many. Sometimes this means he comes off as flighty, but really it’s because he wants to know as much as he can and his favorite way is by learning from other people. He is charming, caring, helpful, and rarely takes things too seriously.
Likes: Mystery novels, people, Princess Josephine, sports
Dislikes: being bored, being alone, harming others
Hobby/Hobbies: People watching, soccer, listening to music, reading
Other Information: When looking at someone’s tapestry he can’t see all the details, just a general idea of who they are and what they have done.


Name: Dusk Bandit
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Home Planet: Karradan
Racial Advantages: Not really a racial advantage but he can “see a person tapestry” and if something has snagged them on their path to their fates he can sometimes fix it. (see history for more information)
Transformation Item: Coin shaped like a wheel
Transformation Phrase: Dusk Weaver Power
Transformation Sequence Info: He is silhouetted against the setting sun
Alter Egos: Alex Rigel, Prince Alex
Guardian Of: Karradan and “weaving” fate (reference to one of the three fates in mythology, weaving the tapestry of fate)
Attacks: Dusk Burning Tapestry, Fate's Fury
Weakness: Sometimes he gets lost in the world of Tapestries and forgets to use his regular senses.
Personality: In his soldier form Dusk Bandit is charming, confident, and a little more prone to being serious than his normal self.

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Also he does have up an example of what his "prince" form looks like, but I'm not likely to be using it during SMOCT 2.
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