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Working on a possible new fantasy series. This is a reference sheet for one of the main races featured.

These gnarly little fellas are known as Golls, a hybrid of Goblins and Trolls. They are quite handy with metal forging and use their talents purely for their destructive obsession to dominate the weak. They aren't very agile, nor fast, so they mostly rely on their strength and technology to senselessly pulverize their enemies.

They are horrific at strategizing and thinking several steps ahead. Their way of doing things is very "go with the flow," dealing with each problem as it arises (more like AFTER it arises). However, they are able to get away with this for they are quite cunning, able to weasel out of most traps and come up with the oddest of contraptions to compensate for their limited mobility. Despite their cleverness they are over all, for lack of a better term, rather obtuse. Can they weasel out of traps? Of course! But then they'll run right into another one or even (if possible) the same one.

It takes a while for things to sink in for them, usually because of their highly aggressive attitudes. They've inherited the Trolls primitive outlook, but not their patience. Golls have the shortest fuse of possibly any other race on the planet, able to spark a heated argument over something as simple as how one breaths. They are prideful and irascible, wanting nothing more than to hold a dominant position so they can have everyone else do their work for them and willing to clobber anyone who thinks it should be otherwise. Even their sleeping is aggressive.

Though they have long ears and large noses, their hearing is nothing to brag about and their smelling capabilities is on par with that of a canine. Their greatest attribute is their mane. Long bristly hairs on their back are sensitive to the air currents. They can feel the direction of where their prey moves from well over 300 yards, and from even farther in an open space. The bottoms of their feet and hands are also sensitive, used to detect vibrations along the ground. These attributes would make them deadly warriors if it wasn't for the fact they clad themselves in heavy armor and don't plan ahead. They at least have the sense to keep their feet and hands bare...most of the time.

Their fighting ability, as stated above, is heavily reliant on their weapons. They are very clumsy and clunky creatures. They are also quite loud and, should they get angered, unaware of their surroundings. However, the technology they make is of great quality, giving the materials they gather. If a Goll had the sense to move to the city, its temper would be worth the product it could make with the finer materials.

Golls live far out in the wilderness, usually inhabiting land at or near the base of a mountain (more often than not shared by Dvergr, with whom they can “tolerate”.) They live in a complex multi-level society. The smallest and most basic groups are the reproductive units which are made up of about twelve females, their young and a few males, and the all-male units, which are made up of fifteen or so young males. The next levels of society are the bands which are made up of about twenty seven reproductive units and several all-male units. Herds consist of up to soxty reproductive units that are sometimes from different bands and last for short periods of time. Communities are made of 1–4 bands whose home ranges overlap extensively. Though it is a male(s) that will hold dominance over the group, it is the collective females that ultimately rule the band and thus the community.

Design and Concept by: B.A.M.


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Ho man. So, I grew up with the Gnoll from Dungeons and Dragons, a half hyena, half human creature.

Now, all of the creatures in this story are based on the roots of their mythology. Unfortunately, I already had the idea that this is what they looked like and acted like before I did the research. It wasn't until I finished drawin the head that I decided to do research. >_<

So, for those of us not savy, a Gnoll was originally a hybrid between a Gnome and a Troll. The hyena appearance was given to it later as it was mixed with an African legend. What's written about them doesn't have much depth, so thankfully I can be as creative as I want with them and I took the more primal approach.

Also, Gnomes don't actually have a lore. They were originaly created by Paracelsus and (in short) are the romanticized depiction of Goblins. Since I'm trying to keep everything at its root, I changed it from Gnoll to Goll, Gnomes no existing in this universe. (sorry Gnome fans)

What's that you say? You can sorta see the Troll traits, but where do the canine traits come from? Well... just wait till you see the Goblins, and hopefully it will make more sense
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