IGNO: Avengers Parody (Christmas) Picture

Like my Twilight and Scream 4 parodies before it, this is a parody movie poster featuring characters (based on members) from the mythos of my message board, IGNO. In this case, it's a parody of one of the posters for the wildly-popular Avengers. There are two key differences with this parody compared to those I've done in the past, however - the first is that it was me, and not LG, who chose the roles for the characters on the poster...

...and the second is, of course, that it was done in a very deliberate Christmas theme, its main purpose being as part of my Christmas gift to my forum members - the 6th in a series of IGNO Christmas Stories that I've been writing on and off since about 2005. You can read this year's story here, at the new still-in-progress IGNO website, as well as summaries of previous stories in the series, but be forewarned that they will contain a lot of inside references to my forum's jokes and history and may not make perfect sense to the uninitiated.

Man, though, this project was a tough one. I just completed my internship and finished out my final college semester a week ago, and while I had this gift planned out at least a month and a half in advance, I didn't have the time to actually get down to seriously working on it until 3 days before Christmas. But that gave me plenty of time to finish, right? ...right? WRONG. I hadn't come up with the plot for the story yet, just knew I wanted to write one, so that was the first major snag...and drawing/coloring something with this many characters was a more ambitious project than I think I'd realized (that PokeVerse collab should have taught me my lesson), so it came down to me staying up until 3 AM into what was then officially Christmas day to finish this in time...murdering my hand, and making it very difficult to wake up at 9:30 to open gifts and then get ready to head off to the annual celebration. Sooo, yeah. But I think both the story and the drawing turned out well, and the IGNOers seem to like it, so I guess it was worth the trouble in the end
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