Ekhidna Picture

This is my 150th Deviation, as I mentioned earlier on my latest journal entry: fav.me/d7h1mjp
It's the digital painting for an important character in the Apkallu mythos (typhonian-apkallu.deviantart.c…).

Ekhidna (Ἔχιδνα; she-viper) was an immortal Drakaina which lived way back in the Topakhon Wars galaxy event, during its closing centuries. The way she is depicted here is how she is during her time in exile, in the colony planet of Tredius (where in 36 centuries later is ruled by an almost global intelligence unit which control a powerful industrial civilization). Living in almost a century around the time when the Topakhon Wars were officially 'over', she still knows that the whole event was but a dangerous play between some deities.

She understood that this play still
happens inside each individual, as the influences of these deities are too much repeated in organic limitations, genetic codes, the movement of air, water, and the temperament of spirit. But she didn't know this before, when she tried to attack the King of Gods and claim revenge and freedom for the near extinct Drakaina and Vovin kinds. Victim to this play like everyone else, however, she showed pretty much a resistance when she shivered the Tartarean Blade and claimed the life of the Olympian (Helladean landlord) Días, a body which housed most powerful spirit Zeus.

The same blade would be rediscovered by the
Bairn of the Sea and a similar quest would afflict this life separated by centuries of existence. She was also able to travel through the Chaos dimension, yet her current status remain unknown. For being socially stigmatized and by acquiring an outnumbering opposition, her deeds were done most in secrecy and facts about her were soon faded in time. But Hesiod's tales might light a bit the question: "(...) grim Echidna, a nymph who dies not nor grows old all her days." In fact, as daughter of a Vovin and a Nymph, and by developing symbiosis with Daimobia, she was one of those who learnt the secret to immortality... but could any fatality have rendered her just as a shade in history?

Here are some deviations of the same character:
Recent version: fav.me/d7g1fgl (younger; colored version to be uploaded soon enough)
Older version: fav.me/d60tjc0 (direct, summarized description of the character)
Card Game version (plain colors): fav.me/d63qi30 (with cohesive and still up to date description)
Younger Ekhidna: fav.me/d7ihzn5

I doesn't often practice digital painting, and I never really spend too much time on a same drawing. But that do
esn't mean I'll just keep the art on this current version, certainly I'll use time in adding more depth and contrast when I find interest in it. As always feedback will be appreciated.
Includes digital content: Original sketch/line-art.

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