The Geno Breaker Picture

Here they are! Raven and his Geno Breaker. I've mentioned them both so much and never really got a decent deviation up yet. They're pretty old, but still impressive, I think. Being old, they both get a long peice of the storyline as well. Here it is! It took about two hours!

Long ago, on Teearthee 10, young Nicholas Page was a petty soldier in a civil war in the southeastern quadrant. Despite his piloting prowess in the latest Proto Gojulas, he was only able to afford a minicar, a Handcannon, and some light armor. One day, far on the far side of Intercido Lake, starving and delirious, he ran into some enemy patrollers. He was beaten to the ground and questioned, until a rumble was heard. Out from a nearby gorge, a spectacular mechanical beast burst forth, blades shimmering. The enemies fled in terror, and the glorious machine approached. It spoke “Today you have no hope. Today is not your time of success. But you will be needed. I know of the deeds ahead of you. Go. Go home and seek out your lineage. Seek the ancient texts that tell you what you are. Nobody is going to understand. You will work to achieve glory. And I can help you.” Before Nicholas could reply, the beast vanished as if a dream. But he felt better. He quit the movement and went home to Port City. For years afterward, he was supposed dead, for he was researching and building in his home for five years. He found mythological texts naming himself as a legendary warrior named Raven, who piloted a gorgeous red mechanical dinosaur called the Geno Breaker. His genealogy showed that he had the blood of the ancient Wandymon race, a mysterious and magical type. He created a machine in his basement, the machine resembling that of the fabled Geno Breaker, but truly based on his sighting near the gorge. He practiced and practiced under the docks late at night, and went into seclusion until the Teearthee 12 ship arrived to the planet. He went out and made his presence known destroying both bad and good targets. He leads a movement entirely against the citizens of Teearthee 10 and 12, and a global depression set in (economic and emotional) into a time called the Era of Silence. Things settled out, and King Endulas re-declared war against Emperor Narutus (no relation to Naruto. I made the name before that even came to America). This time, Endulas asked Raven to help lead the campaign, and he accepted. A massive amount of stowaways were able to board Teearthee 12’s ship before Teearthee 10 exploded. Raven led the revolution and was able to reestablish society, helping the movement to Teearthee 13. Raven disappeared upon arrival, unfortunately letting Sir Edward Nicolae rise to power and brainwash the people into thinking Raven was their enemy. Nicolae’s Army and Raven’s Army were raised simultaneously, and the Battle of Jienee soon followed, decimating Raven’s Army, and killing Raven, leaving Nicolae to rule for over fifty years until Lars Hinderrin seceded. Another cold war ensued, eventually ending with Francis Vega’s revolution, destroying all of Nicolae’s Army. Nearly sixty have passed since Raven’s death, until he returned one day to visit his brother, Vega. Vega for a reason I don’t recall at the moment goes temporarily insane and declares war on Raven. He retreats for a while, and later returns to destroy the hordes and find Ganon. Neither came too difficult, as Ganon wished him dead for not having died yet by his plans. A glorious fight occurred, leaving Ganon permanently gone, and Raven’s soul finally free from Ganon’s hold. He disappeared again, later returning to help fight the Peridot Corporation, now as friends of the Dark Helr Dragon, the Crimson Geno Max, the Liger Ultimax, and the Carnataurus, who was the one that visited him that fateful day at the gorge.
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