Eva Picture

"Often I think is how we can improve as human beings and be truly, as we should. Among those thoughts born "EVA", an idea that now thank God and life took place slowly. Why is called Eva?, Simply because the myths and fantasies take us to a principle of humanity, where the first people were Adam and Eve, that is, they are largely a symbol of humanity and no doubt mark a beginning of it.

The project Eva, plus some illustration, is a message to those who inhabit a space on the planet. Disaster, destruction, unfortunately, are just some synonyms we can find today in every corner of the world, although there were always good to think and act not only for ourselves but also for those who are coming.

Eva, is a figure that represents the overall level deforestation. As well this mythological character is a symbol that portrays all the principles and what we are today. The idea is to place it but on the side of nature, ie that Eve would be a reflection of Mother Nature. As seen in the work, she is violently harassed and mistreated, leaving no choice but to beg for mercy and plead to avoid more damage.

In a brief conclusion, through this I emphasize braking abuse towards nature, and consciousness is taken when serious action against it. "

Software: Poser y Adobe Photoshop CS3 Ext.
Hardware: Wacom Bamboo Fun.
Time: n/n.
Inspiration: David Ho.

Matías Molero © 2011
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