Character: Amunette Picture

My character sheet from this weekend. Amunette, sounds like ammunition, which I thought was close enough for a dwarven name. These are typical character sheets for our game, which we called Warphole, though now we kind of call it after the continent, which is Mirro. Common mythological/ad&d races on Mirro, with the exception of dragons, which, over time, might just be recognized on another planet and not exactly on Mirro.
What fun we had with these characters. Amunette befriended Mara by getting them both in an orgy with three mighty paladin men, so we became known as 'the kink sisters', right before a new lich, Raquel, came to finding us amusing enough to keep around. Raquel really ruled the night, but we were laughing so hard that we were pretty content to do a lot of listening. And Mara, who barely talked, left the underdark with a drow in tow- which I tried and, of course, a dwarf just managed to scare away. XD
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