Brahma's Creation Picture

Another time consuming, very difficult painting, but definately worth it! Unfortunately, as always, the computer likes to suck and not make the painting appear as gorgeous as it is in real life, but 'dems are the breaks I guess. I'm gonna try and get a really really nice photo of it and try and submit it to Epilogue. My one picture there is lonely!

This picture will end out serving many purposes. For one, it is a major project of mine for my Humanities Independant study, and right now I am studying parallel mythologies and more specifically, Hinduism and the mythology that goes with it. Second, I think I may end out using this as a piece in my portfolio for college. Do y'all think it's good enough for that?

May I present to you though, the first member of the Triad, the God of Creation, Brahma. Let me emphasize GOD as he is a HE. I am aware that he looks extremely feminine. However, I tried to somehow emulate a similar style of art, and in most piece of Indian artwork, it is very difficult to differentiate the men from the women. They all sort of look pretty and feminine.

I tried to remain as authentic as possible in doing this, but if I made any major mistakes or had an misconceptions in making this, I DO NOT MEAN TO OFFEND! I am simply trying to learn. ^_^ It is a very symbolic painting though. As Brahma tends to do, he is creating the universe, as seen here.

I also tried to make it symbolic. Each hand is doing something important I feel. One is creating the stars and ultimately, the planets and worlds, one is creating the plants and growth on the Earth, one contains the ever important "Ohm" which gives harmony and balance to everything, and the last sprouts a rainbow, which is symbolic of many things, from emotions to hope.

He has four arms as he normally does, and only one head, as I wish this to take place before he created people. Only after he created women did Brahma get four more heads. So yes, this is before people.
Gah! Sorry to be so long winded. ^_^;; Hope I explained everything. Please enjoy my hard work!
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