[EATHERSTUCK] [REDESIGN] Berani Bungus Picture

Berani Bungas
Pesterchum handle: patheticPotatoes
Typing quirk: Perfect punctuataion, replaces H's with /-/ and I's with !. Perfect Capitalization
Species: Troll
Age:6 Alternian Solar Sweeps (exactly 13 Earth years)
Blood color: Lime Blood
Powers: None
Personality: Polite, prefers diplomacy over violence, Will protect others when necessary, protective of the Sufferer's teachings, curious about Alternia and the other worlds, potatoes.
Interests: Music, Alternian history (specifically the life and teachings of the Sufferer), Alternia Geography, Astromony
Strife specibi: fistkind, Grapplinghookkind
Fetch modus: Card House Modus (Information about it here: Homestuck Modus Ideas! | Card House Modus)
Dream self: Prospit
In-game planet: Land of Potatoes and Wind
Mythological role: Maid of Breath
Strife themes:
Relationship status: Single

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