Hyperion X - Space Drifter Picture

The Space Drifter
Once lived a simple, yet peaceful life as a mechanic/inventor with his family and girlfriend on the planet Espera, where evey inhabitant has superhuman abilities. He and his girlfriend, Seluna used to always dress up as superheroes and fight crime. They seems to have a kick out of it. During his spare time, he will often create unique inventions and show them off to everyone and fix broken machinery. All things went to hell on that fateful night when Doomsday and his minions arrived and destroyed everything that he held dear. He swore revenge on Doomsday as he becomes a superhero to fight the forces of evil. He was once known by his close friends and family as Seti, his real name until he cast away his old identity to distance himself from the past and became known to the Cosmos Way Galaxy as Hyperion X the Space Drifter, feared by many intergalactic criminals.

Powers: Superstrength, Energy Blast, Flight, Technology Transmutation
It's obvious that Superman and Megaman X was the main inspiration for this character. He also has the brains as Batman. And for his costume design, it's my own design! As for his name, he was named after the Titan Hyperion from Greek mythology.
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