Misty Johannson Color Reference 4-6-2014 Picture

Full Name: Misty Elanie Johannson The Unforunate Kunoichi
Preferred Nickname: Misty, Kabuki Warrior (Not that she gets called this)
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 265 lbs.
Measurements (If Female) : 42C/45/48
Shoe Size: 10 wide
Species/Ethnicity: Human/Swedish (sort of)
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Blood Type: AB+
Birthdate: 7/13
Current Series they Belong To: Heroic Envy

Misty Johannson has been a character as long as I have been on DA. She originally appeared to assassinate Kaku who probably deserved it, but in a weird turn around, Kaku decided to hire her instead of killing her. So Misty stayed in Epsilon tower, occassionally trying to kill Kaku for "ruining her figure" from her perspective, but acting as a prison guard for the Bounties that Kaku brought in with his mercenary group. Of course, since the facility was basically self-sufficient, Misty often had a ton of free time, so she took plenty of other jobs, sometimes good sometimes bad, to try and rid her of a curse. Though to talk about that, I have to take the clock back a bit.

Misty Johannson is the sole heir of the Johannson Manufacturing Corporation, a large company that builds lots of furniture for Jiliamous. She knows her father's company very well, but due to the fact that her dad is a fairly young charasmatic sort of chap, it is quite unlikely she'll ever have to take over for him. However, she had to learn everything about the company and how to run it as an education instead of attending school. She still hung out with kids after school, and through that, was exposed to Batman, and other comics. When she got home late one night, she discovered a home correspondence course about becoming a Ninja Assassin in only a few weeks. She paid for the course and actually ended up doing very well at it. When she turned 16, she designed her costume and learned how to sew just to make it. She took a few jobs after everyone had gone to bed, as her father forbid her from using the skills learned in that course. She was skilled and for a few years, she was very great at her job and super obedient.

Then something horrible happened. She was given a job to kill a witch just outside of a town. The witch, according to the person who hired her, was cursing people for no reason that worked for him and making his life a living hell. Misty sneaked into a small cart where the witch supposedly lived. The witch was wide awake and warned Misty that she was about to make a fatal mistake, as this Gypsy woman was actually on the side of good, trying to get the mafia don who had hired her to move out. Ignoring her warning, Misty proceeded to kill the Gypsy, who cursed Misty with her dying breaths. She gave her two curses, the Curse of Bad Luck, which meant that the more she focused on the positive of what would happen, the more likely the outcome would be for the worst. The second curse was a curse of Immortality Life, which meant the only way Misty could die is by reaching old age and dying in her sleep. Otherwise, it would be intensely painful but she would recover slowly. After the woman died in her arms, Misty discovered that all the Gypsy had told her was true, and she had been tricked. Upset, Misty vowed to never kill for money again, and instead become a Vigilante, to try and avenge the person she had killed in the name of money. So she charged off out of the Gypsy's home to kill the mafia men that had sent her there. Only to lose three months of her life drowning in a lake with cement on her feet after the bad luck curse fucked up the stealth.

Misty decided her Vigilante name would be "The Killer Kabuki," based on some research she did in Japanese lore about the Kabuki actors who wore all black and were treated as stage hands until they jumped out and into the play, pretending to kill one of the actors to be like a ninja. However, before she could announce herself, people assumed she was a Kunoichi due to her all black attire. After word got out that she was having terrible luck with her job, she got redubbed the Unfortunate Kunoichi and was a laughing stock. She still took jobs under her name of Misty Johannson, so no one really knew who she was until she was 21 and ended up getting unmasked on live television during an interview. Her father was furious and told her that she had to give up her vigilante ways and live in seclusion or she would no longer be his heir.

She took the latter option and did her best to live on the streets until meeting Kaku. Currently, she has been sent to Jiliamous along with Cyris Samuels to help recapture a bunch of escaped convicts and any other criminals they find on Jiliamous. Hopefully her luck turns around.

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