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"She's late." said a young Senshi, waiting behind a raised hill beside another Star Warrior, the fellow Senshi being her superior. Turning back wisps of red hair from her face, the elder Senshi addresses her younger counterpart. "Give her time, Ebereth. Evanthe is one of our best scouts, which is why I had her join us for this mission."

"I know, Lady Teth..." the Senshi corrects herself when she catches the hard look in the Lady Tethys' cerulean eyes; she's not really fond of formalities. The young Senshi starts again. "Misty, I know why she's good. I'm just saying, it shouldn't take that long for her to scout the place. It's just a fane, right? Just a pile of stones and symbols? Should be easy to strike down the cultists."

"If you think that, sister," Misty replies, the young Exalted Sailor Tethys checking the load on her gilded pistol while fingering one of the Pokeballs on her belt, "then you have little idea how Chaos operates. You know how long it took us to find this fane? Almost a month. This is the chief shrine for the cult, the Blood-kin having chosen this place for its spiritual alignment. Here, they can lower the barrier between our reality and the dimension of hells which they worship, and bring out an army of daemons to lay waste to this planet. That's why we need expert reconnaissance before going in, and that's why Evanthe's out there doing her job. We need all the intel we can get, and she delivers."

Chastened, the Senshi turns back to the distant fane, seeing a great bonfire burning inside, giving it a horrid red look. That, and the haunting chants coming from within, the cultists having just started their ritual of summoning. "Well, she'd better hurry up, because it looks like they starting to do whatever they're doing."

"It's a daemon summoning, sister. They're offering a sacrifice." A tiny voice answers, startling the Senshi who gives out a barely audible yelp. Turning, she sees the last thing she expected: a teeny, tiny woman, no bigger than a few inches tall, flowing orange-red hair moving in the breeze. What surprises the Senshi even more is seeing the little blue wings flapping rapidly behind the small lady, keeping her miniature body aloft. Glowing blue dust flows from her pale skin, making her look beautiful and fragile. But the stern gaze in her light blue eyes and the twin blades sheathed at her waist reveal her hardened edge; this tiny Senshi is a veteran. Still, the young Senshi mumbles out a response.

"" she sputters. "B-but...she's s-so..." The little lady fixes her counterpart with a gaze and replies, "Tiny?" A smirk then goes across her face, and she adds, "Of course I'm small. It's my normal size, but it gets me into places you giant folk could never hope to get into. Right, Misty?" In turn, Misty nods, smiling too. "Right, Evanthe. That's why you're so useful. And judging from the shocked gaze of our sister here, I'm guessing she's never met one of the fae folk before." Little Evanthe giggles before replying, "Definitely not. Rarely anyone has heard of the Fae homeworld, our location being a closely guarded secret. Yet we're spread all over, so everybody knows of the Fae."

"Almost everyone, yeah, but that's enough. What'd you see out there?" Misty says, and Evanthe gives her report. "They're starting the sacrifice. Three young boys are the offering, and the entrance is well guarded, front and sides, but not from the back. I found a way around, though, that'll let us hit them from the rear. It's not that far, but we have to keep low to avoid being seen." Misty nods in approval, glad to see Evanthe do her job right once more. "Good work. Lead the way, please."
A few moments later, they're ready, in perfect position behind the fane's exposed rear to strike. Misty checks the load on her pistol one last time and unclips one of the Pokeballs. She's ready, as are the other Senshi under her command. Time to bust up the cultist party. Meanwhile, the young Senshi who spoke earlier turns to the miniature Evanthe, who's still flying in the air. She says, "Thank you, Evanthe. You really are a good scout. But I guess you stay here, then."

Evanthe accepts the gratitude, replying, "Thanks, but if you think I'm going stay behind, think again. I have other traits besides my Senshi powers, tiny size, and ability to fly. Watch." The little fae unsheathes her blades and flies next to Misty, landing down on the ground in a kneeling position. What the young Senshi sees next is amazing; the blue mist-like dust envelops Evanthe and causes the little fairy to instantly grow bigger in size, enlarging her until she's the size of a human! "Wow......" she says, as Evanthe, now full-sized, turns and gives her counterpart a smile and response. "Very few of my kin have this power," she says, her voice now sounding normal, watery, and beautiful, "but I'm one of those few. Now get ready."

It's time..........

-Sailor Faerydae Awyr, Soldier of the Fae and Sky, member of the Star Warriors, the Lady Awyr.

While the Order of the Star Warriors consists almost exclusively of human females, the size of the galaxy and the wildly differing environments of its worlds are such that human colonists have had to adapt to survive in their new homes, developing new senses and abilities or honing those they already possess. In the case of the people known as the Fae, they were originally descended from human colonists that settled upon a world in the northern Milky Way, a planet that had a fairy-like appearance and was covered in a vast globe-spanning carpet of shining mist that was comparable to mythical fairy dust. Without knowing it, the colonists were genetically altered (or mutated) by this fairy dust, earning longer lifespans and faster metabolisms as a result, as well as heightened senses. However, the dust also caused the colonists and their future generations to become extremely stunted in height; the dust effectively neutralized the growth hormones produced by the human pitutary gland, or at least lessened their production to such a degree that future generations were born into miniature sizes like that of a fairy.

So did the human offshoot species known as the Fae (after the mythological being of ancient Terran lore) come to exist in the Milky Way, a race of tiny humans living in perfect harmony with their homeworld, which is kept a closely guarded secret even though the existence of the Fae humans is common knowledge. Fae are described by normal humans and other humanoid species as being tiny in stature, each with fairy-like wings sprouting from their backs, and all with the same glowing dust flowing from their bodies, a substance which their miniature bodies have now absorbed. Only a select few Fae (about 2 in 100) possess the ability to grow into a size comparable to normal human stature (whilst retaining all their other attributes, including flight), and Evanthe is one of them.

Evanthe was born into one of the many tribal families of her homeworld (her planet adopts a modernized tribal form of government), and spent much of her life there. She was one of the few Fae who could grow to a giant size (giant being our normal size) and so she decided to try her luck out in the wider universe. She has since led an adventurous life during the 314 years she's lived, enjoying numerous adventures and challenges. She heard of the Star Warriors and the good things they did in service to others in the cosmos, and realized she found her place. Evanthe successfully recruited herself into the order and underwent the training necessary, showing her instructors a remarkable skill and dexterity in the sword arts. Finally, she was fully initiated as a Senshi of the Star Warriors, becoming Sailor Faerydae Awyr, 'Faerydae' meaning "gift of the fairies", indicating the departure of one of the Fae folk from the homeworld and traveling the stars, hence the "gift" of the Fae to the inhabitants of the Milky Way (Faerydae is also a common title for Fae who leave their home). She has proven herself as one of the best swordswomen of the Star Warriors, twirling her twin blades around her, and as one of the order's finest scouts and navigators, her tiny size and size-changing ability proving invaluable, along with her sword prowess and other attributes. She is indeed Star Warrior material.

Weapons and Items

Winged jewel piece- worn on her chest, this is Evanthe's Transformation Item. An incantation spoken in her native tongue and a swirling mist of the dust that flows around her precedes Evanthe's transformation into her Senshi identity.

Silveredge- her primary Attack Items are a pair of twin swords. One is fashioned from the ancient Indian blades known as talwars; this is Silveredge, a one-handed curved sword ideal for swift, precise strikes and a variety of versatile sword moves. Jeweled and decorated in fine gold, this blade is Evanthe's favored weapon whenever she fights on the field.

Thorn- her second Attack Item is also a sword, smaller in comparison to its larger and longer cousin and based from the ancient European dueling blades known as colichemardes. While based on their design, Thorn is much shorter in length, since it was crafted with thrusting, indoor fighting, and personal defense in mind. It too is a powerful magical talisman like its brother.

Small knife- a finely curved knife strapped to her left thigh. Evanthe is an expert in knife fighting, and can throw the blade at accurate ranges.

Jewel piece- a golden piece of jewelry fitted onto her waist, it consists of a gold plate encrusted with several gems, each imbued with magical energies and spells made primarily for personal defense. Working in concert, they can envelop Evanthe in a shield of protective energy, so it operates similar to personal energy shields that rely on technology. It works no matter if Evanthe is big or small in size.

Tri-beam emitter- a wonder of Fae technology and magic, this forearm-mounted weapon sports three barrels that fire minute and lethal energy beams, the power provided by two crystals fitted behind them in slots. This is Evanthe's only ranged weapon.

Known attacks

Fairy Dust Whirlwind- simple in its power yet deadly in its lethality, this attack releases a whole tide of fairy dust......that is weaponized. Weaponized with destructive energies which are utterly lethal to creatures of supernatural origin, especially daemons and energy parasites. Against physical enemies, the attack is nearly harmless, but at least it can blind any foe's target and give said target a chance to escape to safety. Evanthe can direct the whirlwind of fairy dust at her whim, and it is equally effective in either size.

The Hidden Strike- this attack relies heavily on speed, stealth, and precision, which is why Evanthe mainly uses this attack whenever she's tiny-sized. The attack causes her to move ten times faster than normal, thus ensuring greater kinetic energy is imparted to one of her two blades. Thus, the blades are capable of piercing even the thickest armor and deep into the flesh beneath, despite being really, really small. The result: a small cut is given to the foe that can rapidly become a gaping wound, as Evanthe can use this attack multiple times, all at once.


Throughout her service as a Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors, Evanthe is at her best whenever in a scouting or reconnaissance role. Thanks to her miniature stature and natural ability for flight, Evanthe can sneak into places no full-sized being could ever possibly hope to penetrate and gain valuable intelligence. Many times she used her size, fairy wings, and innate sense of perception to defuse hostage situations, patrol dangerous areas, and report on enemy movements. But her ability to grow into a normal-sized person is just as valuable, since it gains the Star Warriors another skilled warrior-sister, and Evanthe is truly skilled in more than just sneaking and scouting. There are many expert sword-wielders and duelists among the Star Warriors, and Evanthe is one of the best there is, especially since she's a master of dual swordwielding. So as a true fighter, Evanthe is indeed counted amongst that number. Already she has a list of service that is truly honorable and envious for many of the younger Star Warriors. They include:

.Evanthe was off-duty one day, enjoying free time within the confines of a human city. Yet a group of robbers had chosen that day to hold an entire bank hostage whilst looting it of all its money. Evanthe was nearby at the time, and she transformed into her Senshi identity (with no one noticing) and infiltrated the bank. She was able to make contact with the local police and provided invaluable information that saw the robbers get arrested and all the hostages secured, all thanks to Evanthe and her tiny size.

.During the defense of the world of Sigmus IX, a heavily-populated colony world several hundred light-years north of Earth, twelve Star Warriors were sent to aid in the protection of the planet's citizens. Evanthe was amongst that number, and was present when an entire horde of invaders approached a nearby shelter swarming with refugees. The Star Warriors took it upon themselves to protect the refugees and so held against the invaders. Evanthe was at her best here, fighting beside her sisters. Everyone could see the twin blurs of her blades as they incapacitated or killed many of the enemy troops. Sigmus IX was saved soon afterwards.

.Evanthe gladly accepted a goodwill duty that involved her going to an elementary school on Earth and interact with the young children there. She surprised the children with her fairy-like appearance and even played a few games with them, along with letting some of the kids hold her in their hands. This duty occurred nearly thirty years ago; several of those female children who saw her there are now Star Warriors themselves.

Decided to have a go at making a fairy-type Sailor Senshi, and this is my first success. Enjoy. Oh, and the word "awyr" means "sky" or "wind" in Welsh. I did a little research on that.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
The artwork is mine, and please enjoy!

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