Viktor Picture

This is my character Viktor. He's newer than Cecilia but older than Vulcan, Dionysus, and Zephyrus.

As the majority of you know, he's the father of all those other characters I mentioned up there. I've made him "king of demons" in my own AU so please don't hate about it, it has nothing to do with like, any of you. He's lived for my choice of 5-6 billion years, watching planets die and grow from the underworld ruled by (as some of you know) Hades. Yes, I mix greek mythology with demonology but if I ever make a historical/mythological mistake, please do tell. Besides naming characters after gods/goddesses, anything is up for debate.

His personality is mischievous, wanton, and very disrespectful of other's space. He'll hug you a lot (if he was real, I mean). I've also decided that he's Belarusian (Belorussian?).

The words up there are in fact in Belarusian, it says "king of demons", please correct me if I'm wrong, I admit to not knowing the language and I did in fact use google translate.

He's part wolf, hence the ears and tail I incorporated into his appearance. I haven't actually decided on his wolfy design, but I know it will have a base coat of black and red designs? Markings? Something like that.

Anyway, I sketched this in pencil and then trace it with black GellyRoll pens. They were manufactured in Japan but I got them from a Michael's store near by. I colored it with dark sparkly red (mahogany) SuperGELL pens that I got from Walmart. They are very good pens, I must say. I also outlined the letters with that mahogany.

I just cropped it square and shoved it in Insta Collage like I seem to do with every picture. I then used the filter "Haze".

Viktor (c) Feels-Machine

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