Proxy Blood - Kimokawai Kumomo Picture

race: Tsuchigumo
age: 10
height: 3'9"
weight: 63 pounds
homeland: Mt. Tsurugi, Nihon

It's surprising, but because of the amazing powers this little girl has, no other tsuchigumo is her equal in combat. She holds a lot of dark secrets, or maybe not. She's a compulsive liar. And maybe an orphan.

Nobody expected her to win! The prejudicial attitude people have about the tsuchigumo is bound to change now.. after all, they can't be bandits and thieves if they're the dominant people on the planet! About time, thinks Kumomo, any longer and she'd become a thief herself out of spite. Before long, where human cities were, one could find massive spider webs connecting buildings. A lot of people enjoy them!
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