Valiants no 48 mock cover Picture

Not an homage to any particular comic cover, but an image that seemed to fit to relationship between these two. Thunderhead is the living avatar of the Teutonic God of Thunder, Thunor. Chosen by the god himself in a story I may actually make the effort to tell, one day.
White Lightning is Karl Eichmann, the German-American son of an American service man during WWII. He grew up with his mother in Germany, steeped in the old lore of Teutonic mythology. When he manifested electrical powers, he came to believe he was the son of Thunor.
Soon after, when Thunderhead made his appearance, and told his origin story revealing he was empowered by Thunor as his avatar, Eichmann snapped. Bad enough that he was not chosen, it was far worse that Thunor had chosen an American not even of German descent. Eichmann's outrage devolved into bigotry and he swore one day he would destroy Thunderhead.
At this point, Thunderhead has not yet realized his full power. During this confrontation with White Lightning, he learns the full extent of the powers Thunor has granted him and cements his place as one of the most powerful individuals on the planet.
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