The Apocalyptic Shadows Picture

Well, here is the perfect form of the Four Horsemen (Belphegor, Deity, Raum, and Stheno) known as Tsirhcitna. Deity, the horsemen of death, fuses his spirit with those of Raum, Stheno, and Belphegor (war, pestilence, and famine, respectively) to become a powerful and demonic entity. In this form, Deity's mindset is more dominant and each part of this form has a symbolic meaning.

The crown and horns on his head represents Pestilence, with the horns being the equivalent to the bow, which is a symbol of the Horsemen of Pestilence from Christian mythology.
The sickle/scythe like fingers on his right hand represent Death
The blade like fingers on his left hand represent War
The wings represent Famine in a symbolic meaning to the scale, which is the item the Horsemen Of Famine carries.

It should also be noted that the eight eyes are four seperate sets of eyes that belong to the Four Horsemen of Lacrimazar's cult. There is also an eye in his mouth.

Powers and abilities:

Tsirhcitna possesses all of the powers of the Four Horsemen and possesses the ability to cause anything he walks by to die immediately upon touching his shadow. His crown enables him to control the physical and mental health of his enemies and the lower half of his body also acts as a mere puppet. He still has the vector arms from Deity and the snake hair from Stheno.

Sickening Roar: Emits a powerful roar which causes anyone who hears it to become violent and beastlike in terms of human nature.

Death's Dark Shadow: Commands his shadow to appear above his enemies, killing anyone who touches it instantly. This ability does not discriminate between his allies and his enemies.

Nineth Sight: Unleashes the eye from his mouth to create a destructive beam which allows him to gaze into the minds of his enemies to find out what it is they fear the most.

Horned Disease: Removes one of the horns from his head to emit a powerful sonic wave which causes his enemies to cough up blood and even die from natural causes.

Soul Mouth: Uses the lower half of his body to summon an army of souls that Deity had absorbed into his flesh over the years. They usually take on the form of undead soldiers (zombies) with devastating strength and aggression.

Apocalyptic Meteor: Summons a swarm of meteors to rain down on his enemies. This attack is not very accurate and tends to miss Tsirhcitna's intended targets.

Corrupt Scale: Places his enemies on a scale made of the bones and flesh of those who have died from this ability. His enemy's heart is forcibly torn out of his or her chest by his vectors and placed on the scale. If the heart ways more than the pile of skulls, then the victim is killed instantly. If the skulls way more than the heart, then the victim is sparred and healed as if nothing had ever happened.

Apocalyptic Purge: His most devastating and most powerful attack, Tsirhcitna unleashes the flames of hell from deep below the surface of the demon world and fuses it with the ectoplasmic atmospheres of the Ghost Zone with the elements of the very planet earth and the cosmos before emitting a widespread explosion which dissentegrates anything that it touches. This attack is so destructive that it is said that it could destroy any realm that he is in. However, Tsirhcitna is immune to this kamikaze attack and he only uses it as a last resort.


1. Tsirhcitna's name is Antichrist spelt backwords.

2. This form was loosely based off of three characters: Raviel, Lord Of Phantasms from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (abilities) and VemonMyotismon and MaloMyotismon from Digimon 02 (appearance)

3. In this form, Deity has complete control over every aspect of this form, both physically, spiritually, and mentally, though there are times where the other three fight for control, even going so far as to kill one of their own comrades for dominance.

4. Arguably, this is by far one of the most frightening DP OC forms I have ever created.

5. Even though Deity turns into a monster, Sparkelers still sees some good in him.

6. The crown on Tsirhcitna's head was originally from an earlier deviation that was inspired by Cradle Of Filth where it showed an older version of Sparkelers holding a bloody crown, which was made out of flesh.

7. The red parts of his skin are suppose to be a hardened hide. Yes, he is naked, though you can't really see anything too controversial down there.


Sparkelers Mclaine (mentioned above) (c) *pikakitty13
Raum, Stheno, Deity, Belphegor, Lacrimazar, Tsirhcitna/Four Shadows form, art, and image (c) ~AlucardHemlock (me)
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