Dorttert god of the sun Picture

Dorttert is the god of the sun in the religion of my personal planet. I've been working in that project for a while, so much that I already have 30 chapters written in my computer. I'll be revealing details of this story little by little.

The Legend of Dorttert.

Dorttert is one of the gods that were spontaneously born from the chaos; the place that is nowhere and where coherence is innexistent, where the elements of things that exist, will exist and will never exist float around.

He is husband of the Prime Moon Goddess [link] and he has no legs because the God of the night (the Moon Goddess's brother) cutted them away in a fight for the Moon.

Since then the night and the sun never meet, and it is always day in one side of the planet since he can't run around anymore.

Dorttert (c) Aarón Cortés a.k.a Nuada Argatlam
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