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Real Name Unknown
runs a radio station along with loyal friends/sidekicks the Ixney Belljive, Danger Girl, and Lulu Poison (collectively known as the Day Glo Death Squad). Lady + Ix + D.G. + Lulu + a solar-powered beat-up RV with big-ass wheels = Riot Radio

The apocalypse is on us, my pretty little train wrecks, so put a smile on your face, grab a gun and let's give em' hell while we can.
In the Zones, there two ways to get your underground rebellion news: spend three weeks in the desert being shot at to track down another Killjoy, or listen to the radio. Most choose the second option. That's why Lady never gets any sleep. Everything that happens, she has to know about, mostly by being there as it happens. Unifying the resistance is never easy, but it'll be worth it. Living in the desert, constant laser burns, no steady source of food/water/human contact, being shot at 24/7, all of that won't matter.

"I can't slow down
I won't be waiting for you
I can't stop now
Because I'm dancing
This planet's ours to defend
Ain't got no time to pretend
Don't fuck around,
This is our last chance"
Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance


yes, I've been listening to Danger Days on repeat for two weeks. what exactly would be your point?
Although this is a rather terrible drawing, I rather like Lady as a character. I may just keep her. As I am utterly in love with the album, the Killjoys, and the associated comic-book-esque mythology, expect much much more.

Until then, stay safe, my screaming stars.

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