The Wolf and The Perfection Picture

So, Lady Zero. Garrell.

Garrell is the leader of an alien lycanthrope like creatures from another realm. His own planet was being consumed by a darkness no body could stop, lead by Rajini. He took all those who were not corrupted by this darkness and fled for a more promising world. Earth just so happen to have been the best oppertunity (if only they knew, jk jk.) Anyways, So, The wolves needed to breed as they had no females except for a few. Their genetics were altered in a way so they can adapt to any environment and breed with any being, mortal and mythological.

Garrell had two lovers before he set his eyes on Lady Zero. A demoness of a sort and an old goddess. Both were promising mates and provided him with good strong children. But he himself discovered he wanted something or someone with a little more bite than bark. One of his lovers told him of an enhanced human who has a remarkable ability. Perfection. Lady Zero caught his eye easily wiht her strength, power and her spirit. He spent years trying to track her down. Do you know how hard it is to track down a woman who is on the move constantly and knows how to hunt the hunted? Especially when she disappears off the map for 30 years? Very hard, even for a master tracks man like Garrell!

Anyways! Long story short, he finds her walking along the country side as she always does when she's traveling. (at this point she's in a relationship with a vampire/angel hybrid Serkan ( [link] ) ) He portals near her and approaches. Then it begins. They fight and all does he get the challenge of his life. If he wins the fight, he keeps her. In the end, Garrell wins the battle and takes her to bed with him.

A looong story to follow. For now this is all you get to know.
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