Flotation Device: Aphrodisians Picture

Here's another datasheet for Flotation Device, about the alien species of the aphrodisians.

See, in Flotation Device, all 11 planets in our solar system have native, sentient life on them, and go by names based on Greek mythology instead of Roman lore. If any of you guessed that the aphrodisians are actually supposed to be from venus, then congratulations. Before I begin, TL;DR, the aphrodisians are the most-human of the alien races. They basically look like us but have greyish pigments of skin, pink or violet shades of hair and eye colors, and 1920s sci-fi antennae protruding from their foreheads. They are stereotyped as ruthless, nymphomaniacal space-pirates who go around the solar system spreading chaos and discord for fun and profit. They are one of the only species officially at war with the human race and its allies, though they aren't too serious about it and treat it more like a fun game than an actual interplanetary conflict. They're basically the Reavers from Firefly if they served Slaanesh from WH40k. Now, for those of you who like to read, here's the unabridged version:

Aphrodisians are extremely similar to humans, as an in-universe notion to Aphrodite being Gaia's sister-planet. Aphrodisians are carnivores, and in darker or more serious depictions of the setting they might be depicted eating other sentient life forms, or one another. Their antennae look like old television antennae and give them the ability to project their senses further away or through interferences, like being able to smell or see through the dense acidic atmosphere of their homeworld. Aphrodisians have colorless skin, and are usually a shade of dark grey, though females are usually lighter-skinned than males. They have proven resistant to all known corrosive acids in the solar system, and their bodies are capable of processing any known poisons or toxins, as well.

Aphrodisians live in a confederation of various clans and organizations, many of which use the title "syndicate", and would easily be recognized as criminal organizations if they were founded in Coalition-space. Many of these syndicates are known to their neighbors as pirate hordes, and scour the solar system for loot, slaves, a challenge, or simple fun. There is no unified leader of the aphrodisians, but a charismatic or powerful enough syndicate boss could potentially unite the various clans if they had a good reason to do so. Most aphrodisian clans remain apart from one another so they can fight for fun rather than our of malice. After a short and bloody war, it is common for belligerent syndicates to make temporary peace in a period of trading and intermarriage; a tradition that allows for constant change and growth within their society. Aphrodisians are at war with the Solar System Coalition (Gaia, Artemis, Ares, Deimos, Phobos, and Demeter), but don't treat the matter as anything too serious, and prefer to have fun with their adversaries rather than make calculated attempts on territory or resources.

Aphrodisians are stereotyped as proud, trigger-happy, bloodthirsty, sex-obsessed, fun-loving, hard-drinking brigands with hair-trigger-tempers and over-active libidos. They don't do much to prove the stereotype wrong. Aphrodisians are at their happiest when they are making war or making love. They are also known for trying to overcome their immunities to poisons and toxins by concocting various new and powerful drugs and liquors that would easily kill any other species in small doses. Aphrodisians have a lot of respect for strength, through any means. While they fight very dirty, some of them can occasionally come up with an odd sense of honor and justice. It is not unheard of for an aphrodisian to be nothing like the stereotypes of their species, but the same could be said for all of the people of the solar system.

I think that's it for the aphrodisians. I'm pretty happy about how the drawing came out, although I feel like it could have scanned better. I've been trying to make my style look more sleek and cartoonish lately, so sorry if it look different from my other stuff. Hopefully, I'll have some more of these datasheets uploaded soon.

For a quick peak at a well-written Aphrodisian, check out the character Wren in this piece by PrinceBuffoon. It's a great story.

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