Sailor Ganymede- Henshin Pose [With Profile] Picture

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This is my personal favorite Senshi that I've ever made!! Like complete honesty, I fell in love with her. (not in a creepy way but idk..) So anyways.... I actualy have 3 "arc"s for her; 1st Codename Arc, 2nd Chaos Arc, and 3rd Aquarius Arc. In Codename Arc she awaken (like Sailor V) a year earlier then her team mates and she first meets Sailor Charon who basicly teachers her the ways of the sailor senshi. (she has a codename sailor v type fuku) In Chaos Arc (a year later..) she and Charon gather up the remaining 3 members of their team to fight the "Chaos Senshi" and their "Chaos Yomas" (I dont wanna put to much about that cuz I really dont wanna spoil the details) And lastly we have Aquarius Arc. Again no spoiler alert here so all Im gonna say is that by this point she has become Eternal Sailor Aquarius and takes over Sailor Mermaids spot and is reunited with her "true" Sailor Senshi team from Silver Millennium times.

Ok now that I just blabed about her, here's her senshi profile.. ENJOY!!

Sailor Ganymede : The Pretty Guardian of Flourishing Waters & Prosperity

About the Girl
Name: Hiromi Mizuteien "Mimi-chan"
Name Meaning: Prosperously Beautiful Water Garden
Birthday: February 3rd (Aquarius) *17 years old*
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Skin: Light
Height: 5ft 4

Frozen Deserts, Dresses, Water (pools, fountains, lakes.. Etc)
Stains, Messes, Animals (only because "they dirty your close")
Strong Points:
She's got a good heart and tries her best at what ever she does
Has Trouble With:
Making the right decisions (as in mature choices)
To be an internationally known Model

About the Senshi
Sailor Name:
Sailor Ganymede
Realm of Influence:
Initially her name was based after the moon (Ganymede) of Jupiter as well as the young man Ganymede from Greek mythology whom turns out to be the being that is now known as the constellation Aquarius hence the water based powers mixed with the electric based power that stems from Sailor Jupiter being the mother planet for Ganymede.
She holds up her henshin key and yells, "Ganymede Satellite Power, Make-Up!" the key turns into a heart shaped broach that manifest water in a fountain like manner and then from the fountain water bubbles emerge and cover her. After the bubbles clear she's in her sailor fuku.
Icy True Blue is her dominant color (chocker, collar, upper skirt, glove bands) Light Brown is her second color (bows and second under skirt)
Her fuku is a rather basic styled fuku with a heart shaped broach and a double skirt. She wears white ankle boots and wrist length gloves
"Electro Bubble Barrage!" Manifests bubble with her hands from the water particles in the air that have electro charges.
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