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Some days in some past events. angelthewingedcat asked me about some dragon types. I suggested about some dragons I used to investigate around. It took me a while finding the small notes and images related at what I used to storage since childhood. Nowadays, I can extend the information about the dragon types.
(Note: I know there are other information about the type of scale-color dragons that might be around; but these are the ones I used to have and, in less words, this is my own ideas and opinions)

Blue Dragons: Named by the blue scales that are around their bodies or associates with the color; the blue dragons are those who are connected at the water element. (Water, Snow, Ice, Hail, Clouds, Sea, Ocean...). They remained in their most passive life guarding the balance within the world thanks at the waters they dominate or observe with careful the water element is nothing but a still young child who must be guided in the right take care of it when dire events torment the waves.
They are aware about the inhabitants who dwell within or need the element with great need.

The Blue Dragons are associated with many aspects of the Water that some have important tasks as the water-cycles; natural aspects and behaviors where water is the main director of evolution. Soothe the element when storms, tsunami and floods happen; and even cry for those who didn't could save from the fury of the water. (Just with those who died by doing good at others...not those who murdered, stole or did harm). Without their pressence, the water around shall devour everything by leaving a world sumerged in waters...waters without life. Not even aquatic.
There are many dragons who are connected with the water. The most common ones are:

Sea Serpents
The enlongathed bodies who travel across all the water currents that maintain the planet at the exact temperature. And balance the climatic changes by going around the different paths the planet's oceans had molded since the prime times.
The Sea Serpents are normally represented as long-snake like creatures by living around lakes, rivers or swamps. However, their most common habitat are the seas and oceans. The Sea Serpents are responsibles for the waves ocean might brought due wind behavior. As tend to keep away some aquatic animals from others territories to preserve a natural order...even fighting against humans who destroy such balance with their pressence.
However, the Sea Serpents are benevolent creatures which help drifting sailors back to the shores; any shore might help them to survive than the wild-untamable waters.

The Most represented Sea Serpent around its the Giant-Dragon Fish Snake: Naelyn. More represented as what humans call: The Main Ocean Current.

Other Dragons associated with Sea Serpents

Naga (India/Malay/Indonesia)
Imoogi/Gyo (Korea)
Bakunawa (Philippine)
Rông-Lông || Con rit (Vietnam)
Drac (Catalan)
Lindworm (Scandinavia/Germany)
Wrunele (British Folklore)
Boitáta (Brazil)
Cuélebre (Asturian and Leonese)
Bolla (Albany)
Ejderha (Lithuania)
Jörmungandr (Norse)
Appala (Buddhism)
Apep or Apophis (Egypt)
Huanglong (China)
Lagarfijótsormurinn (Iceland)
Ikuchi (Japan)
Lambton (Northumbrian)
Python (Greek)
Zmey Gorynych (Slavic)

Called due the ugliness of the Greek-Mythologic Gorgons, these kind of Sea Serpents are associated with the sunken of some vessels while crossing the waters. Any kind of sunken. From human to natural. The Gorgon are reapers of the ocean. Once someone stop fighting for its life, then these dragons arrive by taking those once air-breathers at the depths of the oceans by then be devoured by other creatures or just being forgotten while time passes.
Since humans and other creatures had died on the prime waters, Gorgon had secured the waters as an eternal graveyard that might not be touched by no curious hands until natural change is provoqued...those human-made are not tolerated.
And whenever there is a flood, deluge or tsunami where humans died; they are the first in take those who created pain, suffering or death to others...its uncommon Gorgon let a criminal go away by living one more time with their own kin...and extremely rare observe one protecting a human who might create destruction one day in future days.
Nevertheless, Gorgon can observe if a human had turned evil due the water flowing within its body. But there is no true-meaning how they do that but the phrase "Being judge, judicator and executioner..." its real on them.

The Most close-Gorgon around its the Hebrew-Mythologic Dragon: Leviathan.

Neak (Khmer)
Scultone (Sardinian)
Bignor Hill Dragon || Blue Ben (British Folklore)
Kulshedra || Dreq (Albany)
Coca (Portugal)
Smok Wawelski (Polish)
Zirnitra (Welsch)

There are a lot of associations with the name Wyrm (from the European Folcklore to the Modern Ages) as being the most represented dragon in all stories and games created; but the most close are those dragons who exist within the snow-ice regions where they can be on contact with the different creatures (both mythological and natural) by have different responses and bodies depending in the place they dwell.
The Wyrm is more represented as a big dragon with tiny frontal and back legs. A big body with wings much bigger than the dragon itself...becoming into a giant one. More common said the biggest dragon race. However, Wyrm can have different sizes; they are not exclusive with just one size only. Not confuse with their heat-dwelling cousins: the Wyvern.
One of the wyrms associated with the polar regions are those which their wings are boreal lights attached at their bodies...travelling across invisible routes impossible to be seen by humans; and due that, they are invisible towards us too.
Wyrm represent the end of some natural disaster that might caused some casualties. It is possible hear at their howlings-like songs when the wind and ice joins into one...more audible on blizzards within woods.

The Most represented Wyrm are those represented in all 'Knight, Princesses' folkloric stories.
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