Nava-Verse Archives #70: Map of Jamblibam Picture

This map of the Sigma Octant planet of Jamblibam was commissioned in Age 701 Relative by Qollag's Uve Mard Estate, along with maps of several other major planets in the Prime Galaxy. Geographical proportions are distorted very little in this world's case.


Bantseeser: The largest naturally–occurring creature on Jamblibam by a moderate margin, this semi–behemoth of a beast is predominantly found at or near "border" sub–regions where jungles and forests, which comprise most of the planet's biomes, converge with plains, mountains and mild deserts, which make up the majority of the remaining minority. Outside of these relatively few and narrow areas where Bantseesers can be reliably found, stray and usually single specimens are encountered elsewhere on Jamblibam on an occasional basis. While carnivorous, Bantseesers are fairly picky eaters and are not innately hostile towards beings they are not naturally inclined to eat unless and until perceiving a threat, whether real or otherwise, from them, and therefore rarely attack Vilvamions without good reason. Conversely, while the creatures are edible to Vilvamions, carrying enormous amounts of meat on their bodies, they are not an essential element of the humanoids' diets, and due to this fact, the danger they pose if and when provoked and their relative uncommonness in most parts of the wild, they are, in turn, rarely hunted.
The average Bantseeser measures nearly ten feet tall while standing in its default posture, and has significant girth as well, weighing more than a half–ton in total. The typical durability value for a grown specimen is about 1,800, and the animal's maximum life expectancy is roughly sixty years; a respectable length by the general standards of animals, though not particularly impressive for a being of such great size and caliber. In terms of form and features, the Bantseeser has a tall head and face with a single eye and large, pointed ears that provide excellent hearing, and a large, broad torso with long, muscular arms possessing five–fingered hands that surprisingly lack claws but are physically strong enough so that this hampers the creature's overall effectiveness very little. This entire upper body of the Bantseeser as just described rests upon a bulbous abdominopelvic structure that forms the lower half of the creature's body, and boasts a total of six protrusions: three legs extending directly from its bottom–front, two legs jutting out of the sides, and a massive tail. Each of the legs is very short, and rather than supporting the full weight of their owner's body, they collectively "drag" the Bantseeser forward at a slow pace while its buttocks usually remains in contact with the ground. Their muscles are very strong, though, and the limbs, unlike the hands of the creature, possess large claws that provide extra traction and grip and are nigh–guaranteed to never break, ultimately ensuring that the beast's overall locomotive capabilities are adequate, if not spectacular. The Bantseeser's tail, meanwhile, is hugely muscular and unwieldy, ending in a huge, boney club piece that might easily be mistaken for a venomous stinger but is in fact "merely" a large instrument of pounding and puncturing. The swinging of this tail and its end–piece is the creature's most lethal method of attack.

Figgiesem: An animal whose populations are concentrated around Jamblibam's Southwestern regions, the creatures being an especially common and prominent sight in the areas surrounding the village of Or–Bonkia, home of the Or–Bonk tribe. The Figgiesem, plural "Figgiesemi", is a small herbivore, most comparable in size to the Wedgumen and Neckanicker among other Jamblibamian creatures, that nearly always lives among large, nomadic groups of its own kind, said groups each being distinct and separate from one another. It relies on this strength–in–numbers factor to protect itself and its brethren from predators and other hazards. Physically and appearance–wise, it has a stout, squarish body with purplish–and–pinkish flesh, four legs, pronounced, arguably even "cute" or "comical", facial features and a single, large tuft of frizzy hair atop its head. Figgiesemi have numerous and very sharp teeth within their maws, which allow them to quickly and thoroughly masticate just about any food but are useless for attacking due to the creatures' overall small mouths and lack of outward biting power. When defending themselves, Figgiesemi do not particularly aim to kill attackers so much as they "fight them off" by cooperating in their groups to distract or disorient enemies until most of them can escape (note that they are very quick on their feet). Whenever they do attempt to properly attack with the intent to kill, the creatures opt to strike blunt blows with their arms and clenched hands, though, as one could infer, this is relatively ineffective by the standards of the more lethal mechanisms most other animals possess. Figgiesemi's durability values generally fall within the 400–500 range. Their individual lifespans are short, with natural old age and subsequent death rather rapidly setting in after about twenty years, but they can reproduce in great numbers, which accounts for the large sizes of the herds they live in and allows said groups to be repopulated very quickly following particularly deadly encounters with predators. Like most other Jamblibamian animals, Figgiesemi are edible to Vilvamions, but their meat, being very fatty, is considered to be of inferior quality and desirability, and thusly the small beasts tend to only be significantly hunted during times when other food sources are in shortage.
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