Sailor All-American Picture

"What does it mean to be an American? A citizen of the United States? To many, it means a lot of stereotypes regarding the people of my country. To me, it's always been a matter of personal opinion. We all have our own different ways of recognizing American traits and ideals, and I'm no different. America's a huge blending of different races and cultures bound by a common set of laws and beliefs. It's seen success, victory, defeat, and corruption every step of the way. That's how it is with any democratic nation. It'll rise, and it'll fall. It'll remain pure, and it'll fall corrupt sometimes. But so long as you maintain your personal loyalties and ideals to the principles of our founding fathers, as long as you hold true to their original vision of a free society, without bias or fear, then you still are an American. That's my belief, and that's why I'm glad to be a Sailor Senshi, one that represents my whole country. So look out, evildoers, 'cause here I come!"

-Sailor All-American, Soldier of Independence, member of the Star Warriors, the Lady America.

Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors take many different forms and identities. They are not bound or required to be bound by celestial bodies or any other form of celestial object that exists in the cosmos. As such, the choices of identity for a Senshi of this warrior-elite are many. Star Warrior Senshi can name themselves after creatures, ideals, historical figures and events, mythological beings, planets, constellations, planetary regions, and even entire countries. So that's what this Senshi did, choosing to become the living personification of the Earth country known as the United States of America.

Sailor All-American is one of the most visible and well-known of the Star Warriors, and is known for being a very friendly, fiery, and highly independent Senshi of their order, able to work alone or as a part of a team. Her origins, like all the other Senshi of the Star Warriors, past and present, is humble.

Jessica Williams was born in the southeastern region of the United States, specifically the U.S. state of Tennessee. She was raised on a farm, brought up with the values and ideals of the country her ancestors had lived in for generations. She developed a strong love and faith for the United States, especially for its founding principles and ideals. She also learned many practical traits from her parents, learning how to survive in the wild, how to forage, how to use technology, and many other things. By the time she was a full adult, Jessica was already familiar with a wide range of things, from hunting to foraging to computer skills to firearms training. She participated in many government events, including an enormous rally where she banded together with many loyal Americans who were going against a bill that would effectively repeal the Second Amendment of the Constitution, a bill that was dropped. She's continued to live a normal life, enjoying her freedoms as any American should.

The Star Warriors eventually came here to search for a new recruit; Earth has ever been among the top of the list of prime recruiting worlds for this order of warrior Sailor Senshi. When they came to Jessica's home state to search for new recruits, they found her. Immediately they were impressed with all the skills and survival training she had learned throughout her childhood and adolescent years, as well as amazed with her impressive marksmanship; she was quite the firearms enthusiast. Saying no more, the Star Warrior recruiters chose Jessica as the first of the new batch of trainees. For six years, Jessica learned well under the tutelage of her Star Warrior instructors, and even sought out training with others outside of the Star Warriors, specifically martial arts masters and former US military veterans, including former Marines. By the time she was ready for her initiation, Jessica was filled with a plethora of skills that would be needed with her duty as a full-fledged Sailor Senshi.

When it was time for her initiation ceremony, Jessica focused on the ideals and principles of her home country, wanting to embody the best of the United States. So it was that she became Sailor All-American, and she has since been one of the most active Star Warriors within her order. Her record of missions is so vast and impressive that almost every one of her Senshi sisters knows her. She's also accumulated a lot of nicknames from her Senshi kin and outsiders, such as "New Lady Liberty", "The All-American", and "Rebel Girl." Alone, Jessica excels in her missions, being a very capable individual in almost any capacity. When she works with a team of Star Warrior Senshi, her sisters are glad to have her by their side, as Jessica is also an excellent team player with just about any Senshi she teams up with. Simply put, Jessica really is an all-American girl when she assumes this alternate identity, but she is also a Sailor Warrior to the core.

Weapons and Items

Don't Tread On Me!- her primary Attack Items are magical pennants heavily based from the original battle flags of the Revolutionary War. The first one is a pennant symbolizing the rattlesnake and "Don't Tread On Me" slogan of the Gadsden flag, and it is one of her main Attack Items.

Liberty Cry- her second Attack Items is also another magic pennant colored dark blue with the mark of the crescent moon itself marked with the word "Liberty". This pennant is based from the Moultrie flag, another common battle standard flown during the Revolutionary War.

M16 battle rifle- Jessica is a firearms enthusiast, and respects the Second Amendment of the Constitution (right to bear arms) above all others. As such, she's armed with two firearms, the first being a well-maintained M16 combat rifle. It isn't magical in origin, but is well-used by its owner. Jessica is known to be one of the best mid-range marksmen of the Star Warriors, but her rifle also features an enhancement scope, which means she can use her weapon as a stand-in sniper rifle, making her a good enough marksman at long range.

Colt M1911 pistol- her primary sidearm is an American favorite: a Colt M1911 semi-automatic pistol originally designed by John Browning. Jessica favors this pistol as her personal firearm. It is not magical or enchanted in any way.

Wrist-mounted energy emitter- Jessica is not known for using alien technologies, so this custom-made weapon is unique amongst her gear. This emitter works with crystal-based technology. Consisting of a small receptacle and a pair of energy directors, the weapon uses a highly potent crystal to emit powerful bursts of energy. The miniature technologies within are so advanced that Jessica can mentally control the size and potency of the energy that is released. She can fire bursts that can stun or moderately injure enemies, and she can fire a single burst that can destroy an entire building from within. Though small and unassuming, it can be said that this simple yet powerful weapon is amongst the most potent of Jessica's arsenal, yet she doesn't rely upon it as much.

Other optional equipment used by Jessica in her missions as a Star Warrior Senshi can include anything from portable scanners, handheld radios, bioculars, small flight pack, a wearable head-mounted targeting scope, and various other stuff.

Known attacks

DON'T TREAD ON ME!- the literal phrase of the Gadsden flag is also the phrase for one of Jessica's simplest yet most effective attacks when she assumes her Senshi identity. This attack serves primarily as a magical morale booster, sending waves of energy to all those who are in close proximity to the attack and instilling them with a very strong sense of courage. Any enemy who encounters this band of brave souls best watch out.

Liberty Cry- more like a rallying cry than an attack, it causes Jessica to cry out in defiance of overwhelming odds. The magical properties of this attack magnify her shout threefold, making it really loud and imbuing all who hear it with additional energy to fight on. This attack is mainly used when chances of success are almost nil.

Red, White, And Blue Galore- another impressive attack, it primarily enhances Jessica's physical abilities to near-superhuman levels. The reason why the attack is called like this is because it requires the use of any available United States national flag in order to work; the energy of the attack gathers itself upon the flag before transferring to Jessica, imbuing her with all she needs to accomplish her mission.

Revolution Victory Strike- her most potent attack, it is said to harness all the bravery and defiance of all the American colonists who died fighting the British in the Revolutionary War. This could be attributed to the magical qualities of her attack, but none can doubt the sheer force of magical energy given physical substance that literally steamrolls over all the enemies that Jessica faces.


As a Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors, Jessica has traveled the breadth and width of the galaxy doing countless missions on numerous worlds. She is known to be one of the most active Senshi of the Star Warriors, having gathered a roll of deeds and honors that is the equal of any of the most veteran Star Warriors in her order. She is another of the few visible Senshi of the Star Warriors, being a poster girl for the order. Jessica doesn't mind this, but is more of a lone wolf-type Senshi despite working quite well with others. Her list of successful missions leaves no room for doubt, however. They include:

.Fighting through a horde of flesh-eating creatures to protect a small refugee group with several of her Senshi sisters during a military campaign to cleanse a world of these invaders.
.Successfully assassinating the leader of a Satanic cult on a world in Epsilon Indi. Jessica showed off some of her finest marksmanship skills during this mission.
.Aiding in relief efforts when a strong hurricane ravaged the southern United States, especially in Alabama and Georgia.
.Being the center of attention during the July 4th parade in New York City.
.Overseeing the evacuation of six hundred civilians from a space colony that had suffered a catastrophic breach. The colony was soon destroyed, but all the colonists had survived.
.Personally protecting the President of the United States himself when a secret cult of religious Christian extermists tried to take over the Capitol, accussing the government of having ignored God's commandments to the point of no return. She received a commendation for this selfless duty afterwards.
.Assisting in the defense of a world in Alpha Centauri (the Pokemon World, believe it or not), when they had the misfortune of being the newest target of an Ork raiding force.

Done for this special day. A Sailor Senshi, Independence Day-style. Wanted to make her look American but at the same time practical, as well as having the weapons she needs to fight (2nd Amendment is important). The bald eagle to the right is not her pet; I just put it there to further add to the American feel. Enjoy.

And Happy Fourth of July!
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