Miracle: Mira Joslyn Maza Picture

This is Miracle ("Mira" for short) Joslyn Maza, the future daughter of Goliath and Elisa. She is 17 years old (born 8/15/98) and has so far aged like a human (although once she reaches maturity-between 18 and 20 years-she will start aging like a gargoyle). She was actually born like a human and doesn't turn to stone during the day; instead she has a pendant carrying an illusion spell that makes her look however she wants when she wears it (in most cases a human with comparable features).

She is a genius with an IQ of 179 and an eidetic memory. She graduated high school at 14 and is currently in college (despite her intelligence she's only taking a couple classes every semester-meaning it'll take more years to earn each degree-so she can spend the majority of her nights with the clan). She is working towards getting her M.A.s in physics and engineering, already has B.A.s in criminology and computer science as well as working on another B.A. in mythology. She is also a great artist and has a passion for music; writing songs, playing the guitar, and singing as well as loving wolves (she believes they are similar to gargoyles in many ways-pack vs. clan; a single dominate leader; mate for life; whole pack/clan cares for young, ect.). She works as an intern in the R&D division for 1 of Xanatos' companies (this allows her to have very flexible work hours since Xanatos knows of her "unique" heritage). She has a bit of a "goth" personality and is definitely a "tom-boy" with a certain amount of "bad girl" attitude. However, she is extremely empathetic and willing to risk her life at the drop of a hat to help her family and friends (as well as innocents).

Her mixed heritage makes her a force to be reckoned with since she is slightly stronger than female gargoyles of comparable age. She is faster and her wings seem to be stronger; and the sensitivity of her wings as well as her analytical mind allows her to "read" and anticipate the air currents so she can glide faster, more effortlessly, and with increased agility. This allows her to perform corkscrews, summersaults, and even glide upside down for a short time (as well as gliding in confined spaces for short distances by having her wings half tucked in). Her wings and aerial instincts are so powerful that they allow her to simply jump off the ground and after beating her wings a few times for extra height she is able to take flight-as long as there is even the slightest breeze (she is also able to stop a total dive-bomb just before hitting the ground or even climb up rapidly again after flapping her wings a few times).

Thanks to an untested, misfired spell performed by her boyfriend (Alexander Xanatos) she comes to the past (July 1996) for a time and joins the clan as a free roaming gargoyle (using her charmed pendant to alter her appearance to look like a normal gargoyle-but with dark blue skin) named Mirage (saiyanwolfgirl.deviantart.com/…). She hides the fact that she doesn't turn to stone by claiming to never make it back to the castle by dawn and instead finding a safe place in the city to "sleep" for the day. In actuality she also befriends Elisa during the day as a "human" (using the pendant to make her look like a mid-20s blonde haired Caucasian) under the name Joslyn Stone. She bonds with Elisa by showing that she wants to help with the public's perception of the gargoyles (her cover is that she's an equal rights law student working on a campaign to bestow and acknowledge gargoyles as sentient beings and citizens of their respective countries). Elisa eventually tells "Joslyn" about knowing the gargoyles (once it's clear "Joslyn" really does want to help them and that she already knows where they "sleep") but never gets around to introducing them.

Her secret is eventually revealed when AX (Alexander) shows up (December 1996) but they are unable to return to the future for a year (planets and stars need to be in the proper alignment to make the spell work) so they both continue to help the clan. With Mira's secret revealed she no longer hides her gargoyle appearance or stays away from the castle at dawn (although she keeps the "Joslyn Stone" identity for the general public) and AX wears a mask/helmet and armor to disguise himself for patrols. Although they do tell the others about the future clan members (Katana, Nashville, Tachi, Eridan, and the eggs in the rookery) they don't give away specifics about any future events and avoid altering history as much as they can (at least when it comes to major or significant points in history). When the time comes for them to return to their own time they bid a tearful good-bye to everyone and just before they step through the time portal AX created he reveals that Mira's not really going anywhere because Elisa is 3 weeks pregnant with her past self.

Please note that I didn't completely draw this. I started with a female gargoyle base (courtesy of GlamourKat) and edited it (especially the wings, hands, and feet) before adding the clothes and an altered form of Elisa's face in gargoyle form.
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