A Gentleman (Redacted) Picture

Heheh. Betcha'd never see one o' these again, didja? XD I was in an SCP kind of mood, so here you have it folks!

What is it?

This fellow's name is Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood. Lord Blackwood for short. And he's a 19th Century British Explorer who happens to look like a Sea Slug, and tells of the many adventures he's had around the world, and off world. Including his services during the Second Opium Wars, an encounter with Mokole Mbembe that witnessed the purging of a whole village of people, a quest that took him to the mountains of the Himalayas, and much, much, MUCH more. He's got the knowledge (on "geography, zoology, botany, archaeology, anthropology and linguistics relating to its claimed regions of exploration, as well as more esoteric fields such as obscure mythology, mysticism, and cryptozoology"), the evidence ( a whole friggin museum's worth of unknown animal specimens, journals and detailed guides on how to explore different planets), and the first account stories to back it all up. And yet, throughout the whole ordeal, the Foundation had a tendency to not believe a word he said because he's a sea slug. And he doesn't seem to know about anything that happened after 1910.

He also doesn't seem to be aware that he's a sea slug. He thinks the Foundation Personnel is crazy. The Foundation Personnel think he's REALLY crazy. Either way, he's still cooperative, but dang if their relationship isn't strained.

What would THEY do?

Who else to believe every word that comes out of his mouth other than King Norbert. At this point, the Foundation pretty much raised their arms up and said "F*** IT. Go ahead, take him on an adventure or something, he's gonna hurt himself. Tell us how it went." They got kinda tired of getting the same response from him without any first-hand account to prove it, so they pretty much sent him off with Jacqueline.

IF YOU DUN REMEMBER JACQUELINE THE KANGAROO....she's one of the Eccentrix founders. A dynamite gal who also enjoys zoological safari adventures, although tends to go toe to toe with large creatures head-on, having lycanthropy and all. However....to her surprise, it turns out Lord Blackwood never said he was human. But he also specifically insists he's in fact NOT a sea slug. Basically like Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy insists he's not a raccoon.

Because Lord Blackwood's back appendages allow him to float in the air, he can use his mustache/tendrils to manipulate objects, and the antennae on his head is an EXCELLENT sensory organ that can reveal to him a lot of information. This basically allowed him accelerated learning in just about every subject he excels at now. Lord Blackwood implies that he could have turned back into a human any day now, but why would he? This form just suits him!

Albeit he's still miffed at the SCP Foundation for having doubted him, he lets bygones be bygones and seems to be a first-hand accountant for them, bringing back valuable information about paranormal happenings. Ever since he'd finished his safari adventures, he feels SCP-Hunting and Eccentrix Adventure-Questing is the next big project for him. Especially since he'd get to collaborate with many great minds from BOTH organizations.
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