Regicide Character Picture

Name: Reynold Ivan Prey AKA Regicide
Gender: Male
Species: Lion
Height: 6ft 7inch
Weight: 310lbs
Birth: 11 AGW (After Global War)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Universe: Aris

"Evil takes many forms. It can consume the mind, transform the body, destroy the world itself. Evil is a dangerous threat. But not even evil could comprehend what I am." - Regicide

BIO: Regicide is one of the most dangerous threats to Aris. He was responsible for the deaths of five supers, as well as an entire island destroyed off the face of the planet. His intentions are unknown, all he wants is to destroy. All he wants is to feed death, He is Gabriel Beige's arch enemy.

Born into a royal family, Reynold was the second son of Henry and Elizabeth Prey. His bloodline goes back to the very foundations of civilization itself, making his pedigree flawless. Despite having been born with a silver spoon, he grew up never having intentions of running the family company. Instead, he sought adventure and danger in his life. He read books about The Tales of Sinbad Wolf, and Swift Hood Fox fictional adventurers. Reynold became hooked with the idea of being an adventurer. With the funds given to him by his father, Reynold became an archaeologist, even signing the company half over to his brother Evan.

Reynold had found his calling. He hired a lovely cheetah, Natasha to assist him on his journeys. Together, they had discovered the lost city of Tavish, relics dating back to the primal ages, and even a booby trapped underground temple filled with gold. His fame and fortune brought him much attention. Unfortunately, unwanted attention. While at home with his wife and infant daughter, a mysterious man offered him a job. The discovery of the Rift Ring. Reynold was in disbelief, the Rift Ring was an extremely powerful relic in mythology. It had the ability to bring people back to life, as well as create it. Reynold however refused and wished to stay with his wife and daughter. The man however offered him vast amounts of money upfront, and another relic they had discovered just for himself. Excited, Reynold agreed. His greed would seal his fate.

Reynold ventured with the mysterious party across the world deep in the jungles. However, it was when he arrived he realized he was tricked. The party forced him towards the temple as a guinea pig. The temple was deathly cursed and Reynold knew this. He would rather die than take the fate what was ahead of him. However, the group warned they had kidnapped his wife and daughter and threatened to kill them if he did not do as they said. Furiously and reluctantly, Reynold opened the door, only to feel his skin tighten and grip him. Searing pain of bites, stabs, and heat were on him. Like a blanket of tar. His golden fur turned pitch black, and he was forced to proceed. The next door was also cursed. Reynold opened it, and again he was tormented. His eyes burned, and he began to drip blood from his mouth, his hair burned and burst into blue flames, as well as the tip of his tail. The fires of the damned were now his curse. And the final task at hand, he was forced to remove the gems of Oros. Deathly powerful cosmic forces. Reynold begged them not to take the gems, for it would mean ultimate destruction for Aris. But they ignored his warnings, and Reynold took them. He fell to the floor, and more searing pain filled his skin and his heart. The greedy men took the gems, and Reynold demanded to see his wife and child. But they simply snickered and claimed they were already dead. Furious, the pain from his heart turned into a black hole. He rose to his feet and with his bare hands ripped a mercenaries throat out with no effort. He then continued his onslaught slaughter before taking the gems for himself. With his wife and daughter murdered, there was nothing for him. He could not die because the curse would not allow him to. He was to forever be tormented.

Driven mad Reynold embedded the gems into his body, becoming the Avatar of Oros. A terrible being for-told to destroy Aris in the mythologies. Now he has awakened. The feelings for his wife and daughter vanished as his heart had become consumed with hate and lust for destruction. The entire planet must pay for their greed of the world. Reynold started with his parents. Killing them and destroying the very home he was born in. He went on an unstoppable rampage, before he was temporarily sealed away by Frontier. A powerful super.


"All life must die. To ensure the universe is completely balanced, everything must die! Starting with this planet!"

Sadistic, cruel, and unpredictable are understatements for Regicide. He is a walking apocalypse that can not be stopped and only be contained. He will not stop his destruction until all life itself has been eradicated from the universe just as the mythology had foretold.

Powers and Abilities: Immortality, ridiculous strength, flights, laser vision, energy projection, superior speed, superior senses, fire manipulation, teleportation. And much more.

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