Nava-Verse Archives #66: Wepon'Shoup Picture

INDIVIDUAL: PRIMAL DEITY: Wepon'Shoup is an extremely ancient "male" Primal Deity who is famously the most powerful known Guardian–Class Primal Deity in existence, both in terms of how powerful his artifacts are and how powerful he himself is. Note the "artifacts", plural, as unlike other Guardian–Classes, Wepon'Shoup has not one, not even two, but four unique artifacts to his name. They are a gun, a sword, a shield and a magical staff, respectively, all of which are very powerful. In addition to this, he can generate almost any regular, existing Nava–Verse weapon on the spot at will. No other Guardian–Class deity can do this, as creating objects is characteristic of the wish–granting Idol–Class and Serpentine–Class deities. Wepon'Shoup's behavior also differs from others of his kind and mirrors the way of the aforementioned classes as well, as he acts as both a guardian who seeks challengers and an object of worship who grants favors (in the form of weapons, in his case) to those who serve him. Other Guardian–Class deities only do the former. It is theorized that the reason why Wepon'Shoup is so advanced in his functions is that he is the oldest Guardian–Class Primal Deity in existence, and thus has evolved over the centuries to a state and level of power that no other individual of his kind has achieved. Many have noted that the name "Wepon'Shoup" bears a close phonetic resemblance to the term "weapon shop", and this was most likely intentional when the deity chose his name. If true, this shows and proves that Wepon'Shoup has always been more intelligent and savvy than most other Primal Deities, whose names are generally nonsense (unlike the names of other Nava–Verse creatures and beings, which are plainly full of deep meaning and etymology).
Wepon'Shoup is a large humanoid with a head and face similar to that of Lel'Thlenu, atop which is a glowing crown, and several irregular markings on various panels of his extra–corporeal body, which has a durability value of 30,000 (again, the highest of any known Guardian–Class deity). The true color of his body is a pale blue; the rest is armor/exoskeleton. The blue parts of his body are the ones most vulnerable to attack, as they are unprotected. It is also worth noting that Wepon'Shoup's strangely–shaped feet are totally unarmored, and that in the event of fighting him, to obtain his artifacts or for any other reason, one should immediately aim for them in order to cripple the deity. All four of Wepon'Shoup's artifacts are stored inside of a large orb that he normally sits upon, but which he can detach himself from when needed.
Wepon'Shoup is one of the least malevolent Primal Deities out there, so his presence is generally tolerated around the Prime Galaxy as he periodically teleports from planet to planet in search of new challengers and worshippers.

• Primal Deatomizer
• Primal Woodinator Staff
• Primal Blade of One Hundred Cuts
• Primal Shield of Biting Terror

OTHER WEAPONS (All of these can be summoned by Wepon'Shoup but exist elsewhere as well):
• Ebonorate Poison–Laced Uber–Mace
• Yominasstian Rainbow Energy Nunchuck
• Jamblibamian (Vilvamian) Supreme Hunting Bow
• Skellen Explosive Acid Canister
• Joiemgaw Pulser Joust–Lance
• Xcythestian Sadomasochist's Scythe
• Joiemgaw Wall–Mounted Laser–Cam
• Skellen Flamethrower
• Ergnoplian Plasma Grinder
• Ergnoplian Wind–Cannon
• Joiemgaw General Purpose Automatic Spiker
• Sertrophian Controlled Blast Jelly–Mine

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