Wild Cries the Thunderbird Picture

Character Design II: “Wild Cries the Thunderbird”


Various mythologies describe the Thunderbird as being a giant bird of prey that can create storms: thunder with the flapping of its pair of mismatched wings; lightning from its cries. Beyond cryptozoologists, no one gave credence to the possibility that the Thunderbird(s)(?) might be real.

In truth only one was spotted before The Storm -- Araysatorry, according to the Wilding, giving honor to the greatest storm this planet has likely ever seen and to the creature that many, myself included, at least consider may have spawned it. You see, this is a time where mind, body and spirit ride pillion with science and rational. How else can it be explained?

Cainan Blackbyrne, as of his “disappearance” held another title beyond his PhD: THE Wilding scholar, before barely a handful had ever heard the word spoken in this context.

I still don’t have all the details, but I suspect that Cainan didn’t die in the storm. I, instead, think he crossed The Storm -- in and of itself, that explanation bares incredulity. The Wilding that appeared hear his home ... the resemblances are remarkable. I’ll write more as I learn more.

-- Gray ... NOT missing.

Of Note:

I tinker with characters and concepts beyond reason, sometimes. Trying to get everything just so. With this, I wanted to combine the elements that form the basis of the idea of a Wilding, and what “Crossing The Storm” might mean. Who better to do that with than my title character? ... Gryphon.

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