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**An important note before I go further: Sailor Sun is based off of a combination of both the anime and manga canon. There will be elements of both canons, mostly anime because I never got a chance to read the entire manga.**

Also, I haven't seen the Sera Myu version of Sailor Moon, I've only seen the fukus around. Keep that in mind.

During the Silver Millennium, she was known as Princess Eos, Helio’s younger sister and heir to the Solar Kingdom’s throne. The Solar Palace and its inhabitants existed in a pocket dimension between Mercury and the Sun, much like the ones that housed both the Gate of Time and Elysian. Her mother was Queen Solaria of the Sun and her father was the Queen's Prince-Consort Tau (not to be confused with the Tau system that the Deathbusters came from in the manga. I just know someone is gonna confuse them.) from the Leonoid star system (otherwise known as the constellation, Leo). Queen Solaria was a peaceful and gentle ruler who was friends with both Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom and Queen Rhea of the Earth Kingdom. In that time, the Earth and Moon Kingdoms were at peace with one another with Queen Solaria keeping peace between the two.

Shortly before Princess Eos was born, a shadow creature known as Thanatos attacked the Sol System, plunging the planet of Morpheus and its moon, Melaina (which existed just beyond Pluto in the Kuiper belt) into an eternal winter and wreaking havoc on the Sol system. Through the combined efforts of Queen Serenity, Queen Rhea, and Queen Solaria, Thanatos was repelled from the system and imprisoned in the Kuiper belt. However all of the royal court of Morpheus; save for its princess, perished in the fight and the young princess and the court of Melaina were forced to flee their planet and moon. The court of Melaina was granted safe harbor on the far side of the Moon by Queen Serenity while Princess Aisling of Morpheus was taken in by her aunt, Queen Rhea.

Princess Eos was born the middle of three children. Her brother Helios, who was older than her by 4 years, did not carry the Star Seed for the Sun and so was passed over as the heir to the throne. When Eos was born the oldest of twin girls, it became very clear that she carried the Star Seed for the Sun, while her twin sister, Leolynn carried the Star Seed for the constellation Leo. As they grew, it also became very clear that their Star Seeds were also Sailor Crystals.

Now in Elysian, there was a sacred temple known as the Temple of Dreams. It housed the Shrine of the Golden Crystal, where the said Golden Crystal was kept, as well as the Corridor of Dreams. Helios was trained as the guardian of the Golden Crystal while Eos and Leolynn became Sailors Sun and Leo and were trained to be his protectors. Together, with Sailor Earth and Sailor Melaina (who were the Protectors of the Dream Corridor), they protected the Temple of Dreams from those who might steal the Golden Crystal or who might harm the minds of innocent dreamers.

During this time, Queen Nehelenia’s husband, consort, and regent, Perseus became greedy. He wanted to take control of the Dream Corridor and use the corridor to control people through their dreams. Fortunately, around this time his wife became obsessed with staying young and beautiful forever. It was Perseus who suggested that Queen Nehelenia use the Golden Crystal to make herself stay young and beautiful forever so that he would have an opportunity to attack the Dream Corridor.

When Queen Nehelenia attacked the Shrine of the Golden Crystal, Sailor Sun and Sailor Leo stood against her to protect their brother. Before engaging, Sailor Sun sent the Earth guardian cats, Gaea and Apollo to get help. They fought valiantly, but Queen Nehelenia and Perseus were too much for them. Sailor Leo was the first to fall and Sailor Sun was wounded while the Protectors of the Dream Corridor were killed by Perseus. Rather than use her remaining power to fight, Sailor Sun used every last ounce of power she had to seal the Dream Corridor to prevent Perseus from defiling the minds of Dreamers. The act of sealing the Corridor greatly weakens her to the point where she couldn’t even stand against Perseus’ wrath when he discovered the Corridor had been sealed. Perseus killed her in a fit of rage.

By that time, Gaea and Apollo had return with Queen Rhea, Queen Solaria, and Queen Serenity and their guards in tow. Both Perseus and Queen Nehelenia were arrested and punished. Queen Nehelenia was imprisoned in her mirror (which had been a wedding present from Perseus) and Perseus was imprisoned in the sun. Grieved by the loss of her children (Helios was captured by Nehelenia, Eos and Leolynn were slain), Queen Solaria used her powers to send the four princesses into the future to be reborn. Not long after, both Queen Solaria and Queen Rhea died, one by sickness and grief for the loss of her children, the other of a broken heart at the loss of her best friend. Before she died, Queen Rhea sent Gaea and Apollo into the future as well to guide the three senshi.

With Queen Solaria and Queen Rhea no longer there to keep peace between the Earth Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom, this event sets in motion the chain of events that caused the Earth Kingdom to grow distrustful with the Moon Kingdom and eventually lead to the downfall of the Moon Kingdom.


Explanations on the fuku

As you can see, Sailor Sun's sera myu fuku (which is also her Super sailor fuku)is very similar to that of the Moon senshi, save for a few details. I did this on purpose. As mentioned in the back-story, Sailor Sun is the heir to the Solar Kingdom, which encompasses all of the Sol System, from Mercury to the Kuiper Belt. Because of this, she is basically of the same rank as Sailor Moon. So it would stand to reason that her super fuku would look very much like theirs. However, there are differences. On the Sera Myu version of the super fuku, the top tier of the skirt has a pale yellow stripe while the under skirt is the same color as the collar (which on Sailor Chibi Moon is also her senshi color). With Sailor Sun, that doesn't work because her senshi color is a golden yellow. So I moved the senshi color to the top tier of the skirt and made the under skirt her secondary color. Also her shoes stayed the same. While Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon both have boots, Sailor Sun has shoes. I stated before that I don't want Sailor Sun wearing boots, not only because the shoes fit her personality better, but also because both her teammates have boots and I specifically did not want all three senshi wearing boots. Another difference is the stars on her choker, tiara, and earrings. On the Moon senshi, there are hearts and crescent moons there. While I kept the heart for the transformation brooches, the heart theme really doesn't work for Sailor Sun (though that may change when I draw her super sailor fuku, if that is one of the up and coming round themes). The Sun is also a star, therefore it makes sense that she would have stars. Finally, her crown. On the Moon senshi, they have those barrettes with the bunny ear things in their hair. I interpreted this as an added detail to go along with the whole 'rabbit of the moon' thing. But those barrettes don't work with Sailor Sun. So I gave her a crown. It may look familiar to some of you, I modeled it after the crown on the Statue of Liberty.

Explanations on the write-up

As I mentioned before, Sailor Sun's world is based on a combination of BOTH canons, with more elements coming from Anime than Manga. That doesn't mean I don't like the manga version, it's just that I never got a chance to read the entire manga due to it being pulled from the shelves. And while I have seen the entire Anime, I've only seen seasons one, two, and five all the way through in Japanese with English subtitles, the rest was English dubbed. Keep that in mind as you read her back-story.

It was important that I mention the part about Thanatos, the shadow creature attacking the Sol System. He is the major bad guy in the first arch of Sailor Sun's story (there are three archs, only two of them involve Sailor Sun however).

The location of the Solar Palace. When I created the concept of the Solar Palace, I always knew that it would never actually be on the Sun. My knowledge of astronomy refused to let the fact that the Sun is a burning ball of gas go while I was creating the concept for it (instead I saw the actual Sun as sort of a prison) . However both the Gate of Time and Elysian seem to exist in pocket dimensions (at least that's always been my understanding of Elysian, since it clearly doesn't exist on the same plane of existence as Earth). That's where I got the idea to put the Solar Palace and its inhabitants in a pocket dimension. If I make it to the Princess/noble round, I'll go further into depth with this)

On Helios. Originally I had Helios as the cousin of Sailor Sun's partner, Sailor Earth. However, since Sailor Earth is also the maternal cousin of Prince Endymion (meaning Helios would be Chibi-usa's second cousin or so), with the whole romance between Chibi-usa and Helios thing going on, I felt that was too soap opera-ish for my tastes. Also in the manga, Helios had two Maenads who helped him guard the Shrine of the Golden Crystal. However in the anime, he guards the shrine all by himself. I felt this was a little unfair to Helios, asking him to guard the Golden Crystal all by himself with no one to talk to or keep him company, so I gave him two bodyguards plus an extension on the shrine that formed a full temple where two other Senshi are stationed as guards. All five guardians would be charged with protecting the Temple as well as Elysian. Overtime, his two bodyguards became his sisters. Those of you who know mythology will recognize Sailor Sun's princess name. In Greek mythology, Helios had a sister named Eos, the Titan goddess of the dawn.

Speaking of sisters, you'll notice that I mentioned that Eos had a twin sister who was also a senshi. You'll also recall that Cassie, the civilian form of Sailor Sun, also has a twin sister. That's right, Callie is a senshi too. However, she doesn't awaken until the beginning of the third arch of my story, which takes place after the Tokyo Senshi defeated Nehelenia the first time, but before (or rather during) her second appearance at the beginning of the Stars season of Sailor Moon. Now Helios did have a second sister in mythology, however her name was Selene. Naming her this would be misleading, as Selene was a Lunar deity and the Lunar Queen, Princess, and future princess are all named after her. So I gave her a name that links back to her senshi, Sailor Leo. 'Leolynn' is derived from the Welsh name 'Leolin' which is actually a boy's name that means 'lion'. Did you know that there are no female names that mean 'lion', or even 'lioness' (or at least there weren't any on the name site I use)? So I picked the name that could easily be morphed into a female variant, and voila! Instant name!

I came up with the concept of the Sun Queen being the peacekeeper for the system to explain why the Earth all of a sudden decided that the Moon Kingdom needed to go down. My theory was that at one point there must have been peace between the Earth and Moon, but something big must have happened. I figured the death of a peacekeeper and ruler would be enough to spark tensions.

In the anime, it mentions that Queen Nehelenia attacked Elysian to use the Golden Crystal in order to stay young and beautiful forever (at least that's what it was in the English version) and I got to pondering. What if the thing with Nehelenia was bigger than what we were told? What if Queen Nehelenia was being manipulated? It is very possible, given how easily Galaxia was able to manipulate Queen Nehelenia into shattering her own dream mirror. In the anime, Nehelenia mentions that she dreamed of a lover and friends. When she and her kingdom are reborn and she is reborn as a child so she could do it again differently, her subjects are still addressing her like a queen. This leads me to believe that not only was Nehelenia very young when she was crowned queen but she might have felt a bit isolated due to her position. At such a young age, it would make sense that she would have a regent acting on her behalf until she was old enough to handle it on her own. Eventually that regent could grow close to the young queen to the point where they would marry and produce a child out of duty to her throne (as a Queen, she would be required to produce an heir), making him her consort as well. At such a young age, it would be very easy for someone to manipulate her. What may or may not have started out as an act of duty to his queen could very easily have turned into an act of greed (example, Jafar from Aladdin). Enter Perseus, Queen Nehelenia's consort and regent. That mirror Queen Nehelenia used and was imprisoned in had to come from somewhere; why not make the cursed mirror a wedding present from her regent? Also, while Perseus manipulated the Queen into attacking the Shrine where Helios was, he could attack the Dream Corridor, his true motive for attacking Elysian.


Other stuff

First of all, references:
I used Chibi-Usa's pose from here [link]

Artwork and character belongs to me
Sailor Moon and all characters that I didn't create belong to Naoko Takeuchi

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