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The crew from my original series/creation "Interplanetary ART", about a group of former Earth "gods" and mythological beings who travel the galaxy returning lost aliens to their homes and keeping intergalactic travelers from interfering with foreign planets.

From the left we have:
-Dodo the... dodo bird. It's a dumb name for a dumb bird.
-Urcuchillay or "Uchi": Peruvian spirit of animals; she takes care of the creatures on the ship
-Ba-Pef: Egyptian god of pain and woe, he's usually carefree but has a vendetta against the other Egyptian gods who knocked him from power
-Leo: a bat-like alien whose planet was overtaken by power-hungry invaders
-Dee: a Whelsh girl who finds Leo and gets mixed up with the IART crew after refusing to let Leo go
-Marowit or "Marv": leader of the IART, he left his position as a Wendish god of nightmares after seeing the corruption of the gods around him, and now seeks to return the power to the native people
-Hedda: a Norse dark-elf with a knack for knowing how things work; she's the ship's mechanic
-Wayland: a Norse light-elf and Hedda's twin, Wayland was named after the Norse god of weaponry because of his skill with any type of weapon; he serves as the ships weapon specialist, though he'd much rather play with the weapons than hurt anyone.
-Baku: an alien creature who once resided in Japan (where he got his name), who eats the dreams and nightmares of humans; he works with Marv to affect the dreams of others.

Okay, so that's everyone.
I really like drawing my characters, and I think soon I'll start doing a web comic of them.
No promises though.
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