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Ammonium Phosphate Crystals
Nicknames: Ammonium, Ammo, the Potato child
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Height: 4'5 feet
Weapon: The Water Hammer
Gem Placement: On his upper back, where his wings connect.
Origin: (Kindergarten, Homeworld, Other planet, etc.) Technically Earth in the strawberry battle fields
Current Residence: (Space, Earth, Homeworld, etc.) Earth.
Alliance: (Crystal Gems, Yellow Diamond, etc.) Crystal Gems
Personality: = Dedicated(can be clingy and overbearing) =Borderline bipolar, unpredictable emotions and actions +Kind +Humble +Sympathetic -Ruthless -Jealous -Cowardly
Flying, space, mythology and Earth history, sunsets, storms(holy h*ck yessss), natural disasters, sour candy
Dislikes: Water(ironicly), fire, bitter things oh geez, Homeworld, humans(they're destroying where he was made)
Bio: (using as much information known about how gems work up to date):
Back during the great war, there were four Homeworld Gems fighting in the war, by the names of Moonstone, Paraiba Tourmaline, Zircon, and Azurite. Though while they were fighting in the final battle of the war, the four were blasted and destroyed by a beam of energy that was over 54,000 degrees Celsius. The heat of the blast was so intense that when the gems of the four were shattered, several bits and pieces and shards were welded together to one another and left in the battlefields, forgotten and smoldering. After the battle was one, the gems were moved and buried, but the welded, searing mesh of gem shards were left behind to be retrieved later. Though the remaining ones never returned, and as a result, the cluster of shards cooled and became buried under soil and earth over the next 4,000 years. 4,000 years after the war, the gem began to absorb the life from the small area of the battlefield where it was buried and started to grow like a normal kindergarden gem. 1,000 years after it began to grow, it had formed properly enough to have a physical form of its own, which took the gem and form of Ammonium Phosphate. When the gem was finally ready, it dug out of the ground and into the new Strawberry battle field, where it was buried over 5,000 years ago. After he awoken, he wandered the lively fields, never once returning to the lifeless crater that he left on the edge of the field. That is when he learned of a disease he was born to be plagued with. Due to being unnaturally formed, he has 'broken attacks', where he begins to deform and glitch before suddenly poofing to regenerate, rarely changing his form during the regeneration. The way he was formed is the very reason he appears to be a fusion. While he has attributes of a fusion, he is a single gem (only indicated by his pupilless eyes, while fusion gems have pupils) that can never fuse with anyone. Though as of recently, he was found by a small band of other gems, who of which were a part of the army that destroyed his 'original ones'. Even with this, he is learning to trust the ones who have discovered him.
Popped out of the ground like a potato, so nicknamed "Potato child". Very young for a gem, roughly 4'5 feet tall. Terrified of insects, like he would scream at the sight of the Heaven Beetle. Has self-image issues due to the way he was formed. Even though he has cryohydrokenisis, he can't swim, but he can fly very well and uses his water arms as jets to fly faster. Enjoys poetry, but can't write for the life of him. Loves to draw and paint, he especially likes painting skys and water.

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