Leukrot Karoutei Collage Picture

Leukrot Karoutei is the main protagonist of the Promised Ark series, alongside Ljokii, Aiven, and his love interest Dhabeia.

Leukrot is an Arkborne brown-hyena and hails from the industrial city-state of Hagran, a country of smithies, geomancers, and craftsmen of the earth whom worshipped Ba'alatoph, God of and Aspect of Land. He is an adventurer whom weilds the legendary earth-bending sword Demurgis (Pronounced 'deh-mur-ghiss.') Hagran's national treasure, and works to liberate his ancestors from centuries of servitude to an earthly ruler, while treasure-hunting on the side. Leukrot was also conscripted as a peacekeeper during the Apostia Rift war when it spread across Bhestia-Zhol, and met many of his close friends and associates during his career. With the war winding down, Leukrot continues to pursue his passions, but when a cult descended from the Flock called the Simuraroc seeks Demurgis for their twisted cause, Leukrot must fight them and press on for answers, while assisting his friends during the story.

Leukrot is a well-balanced character who is skilled with swords, firearms, and earth-based magic. Demurgis itself is an earth-bending rifle-sword draws substance from stone and rock, which makes it a very destructive weapon. It can fire crystals, petrify enemies, and bend the element of earth at will. Later on, Leukrot discovers that Demurgis can open portals to the plane of Earth, allowing him to spray magma, summon crystals, and even distort gravity. On top of that, Demurgis was an ancient tool used by eldritch gods to formulate planets and worlds! The weapon itself is a piece of a Creator god and represents creativity, innovation, and destruction.

His character and powers are based off of hyenas in African mythology, which were often accused of being sorcerers and blacksmiths. Demurgis is based off of the Demiurge, the Gnostic aspect of creation; the hilt itseif is even shaped like a historic icon of it: [link]

I'm proud of this picture, but I fucked up on his right arm; it turned out a little too short!

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