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You know what inspired this? Stupid IGN Screw attack's worst robot master list.

If I was brave enough to make a video about it to defend them, I would. But I'm gonna keep it short and tell you te reasons why they don't suck. Every robot master is equal. They have MULTIPLE weaknesses and they are not made to fight each other. They are made to work for society and make every day problems easier.

So, let's run down the list of those idiots.

10. Stoneman.

Yes, I know Megaman 5 was lackluster to many, but I liked it. I know his weapon sucks, but I don't care. The weapons of the robot masters are "optional" and not mendatory. You can defeat the entire game with just the megabuster. Fights like a gimp? ( I understood ) He was pretty hard at first ya know. And besides, you're using the weapon the wrong way if you're not beating Chargeman with it. Stoneman is awesome and he loves good movies.

9. Hardman.

Why is his name funny? It fits with what he does. He works at a construction place to lift heavy shit. He is made out of titanium and weighs 3 tons. He can litterly give you a flying bro fist and you call it lame? Better watch what happens if it were real. Hardman is an adorible yet hardworking robot. He can be a little clumsy due to his weight and make for some hilarious jokes, but when he gets serious, it gets serious.

8. Splashwoman:

Really? Because you THINK she is the easiest boss in the game which makes it sexist? OBJECTION! Galaxyman was the easiest boss, with Plugman being the most frickin impossible! This is why you need to look BEYOND the surface. ( heh. Get it? ) Figure out WHY her health bar goes down faster than you expected with just the megabuster. Here's where you'll get smart: You see, Splashwoman is more vulnerable is because she doesn't have such strong and special armor to lift heavy rocks, bend electricity, deal with hot lava or STOPPING TORNADOS. Her design works perfectly due to the fact that she is rescueing people who are drowing at sea. She only needs lightweight and streamlined armor so she can swim fast. And besides, she knows how to handle badass without her Trident.

7. Topman.

OFCOURSE. Don't bother to look BEYOND that bossfight and don't bother to THINIK he has no potential. Every megaman game has their easy boss. But Topman is not a: STUPID ROBOT because he's based off a top. Again, THINK. When you look closely, his Topspin not only works as a defendse, but also as an offendse. He sticks his arms out with fists to create the illusion of a spinning top. That's creative. It also works since you have to be at a redicilous speed in order to be that blurry while spinning. One hit with his fists while spinning could be fatal. And nothing can touch him while performing his dance of death. Plus, he has a wonderfull character, is the master of dancing, never falls over and has one heck of an awesome song!

6. Springman.

SHUT UP. Ever wonder what happens when Springman gets a hold of you? He jumps up and let's your head get crushed by the cieling. Plus, he can hurt anyone by just jumping. He can jump REALLY high ( no shit ) and land on someone with that weight. It dubbles because of the speed and gravity. Also...really? the biggest problem is that his stage is pink? Since when did pink because the official term for: Girly and since when did girly mean: Stupid, oblivious, dumb and not cool? It's JUST. A. COLOR. And Megaman isn't coming for your head. He's trying to stop them from destroying the city. So in short, Springman is awesome.

5. Chargeman,

Heeeeey IGN. Chargeman is based on a train. Duh. And a train 'charges' to gain speed. So that's why he's called Chargeman. His weapon is based on the speed of a train. Which means he CHARGES into Megaman at fullspeed. And you know what happens when a real train hits you with CHARGING speed? INSTANT. DEATH. Yeah. Not only should you be thankfull that the train can carry your ass from point A to B, or delivers lots of carco, but Chargeman is pretty damn fast when you stop and THINK. He's basicaly Quickman, only heavier and more carefull with using his speed. He is a train who doesn't need rails and is not. STUPID. You need a fricking boulder to kill his ass. Plus, havn't you seen the movie unstobable? Freacking epic!

4. Centaurman.

Are you fucking kidding me!? why? Because his stage isn't what you expected it to be!? The wiki page sais it: Ancient city you moron! Not: Hercules the movie. He is from Greece; And I've seen a lot of water in Greece. Again, look beyond the surface. Centaurman is the most creative robot masters of the entire series. Why? Well, first off, he represents a mythological creature and the constellation sagiterious. In the Megaman powerfighters, they gave more refrences to his design. Not to mention he is incredibly strong. Second to Stoneman. He has a wonderfull character, can telaport shortly, run at highspeed, distor the space around him and he talks Greek. Because it makes sense. But what REALLY pisses me off is this question: Why does a robot need a tail made of human hair? Me: BECAUSE HE'S SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT A CENTAUR YOU JACKASSES. If he didn't have a tail it would've been really akward! And it's not HUMAN hair! It's FAKE hair! Use your brain!

3. Toadman.

Oh, so you think that any animal that isn't cool to you is worth making fun of huh? Toadman was made create bring water over dry fields so food can grow. And in reality, this can really work. So why is he so easy to fight? Because if not, he wouldve been too fricking hard. His rain is now replaced by ACID. You know...a substance that's basicaly a satan version of water? 4 hits and you're dead. Burned alive by substance. It's really scary if he did this to humans. So there you dumbasses. He's not something to laugh at.

2. Clownman.

Give me a break. This guy is full of potential and you can make him break the fourth wall for comedic entertainment. But he does know when to be serious. He doesn't need to be the classic clown from the past, he can do new jokes. Clowns do more than just the basic jokes they're known for. And what is the whole purpose of being a clown? To make you piss your pants of laughter. It's not easy being one since you need to be really talented to make even me laugh like a hyena. And he doesn't want to grab Megaman's MEGA BALLS. How about his enkels? Plus, his weapon is cool too. And finally, he can make sick children with a really bad descease smile.

1. OF.COURSE. It HAD to be Plantman. Because flowers and plants and trees are boring and stupid and serve no purpose on planet earth other than being LAUGHED at for not destroying anything. FUCK. YOU. for the last time, look beyond the surface. And let me tell you something...Plantman teaches the best lesson ever: ...Respect nature and love life. He has so much potential for his passion about plants and flowers. So much character that can be shown in a beautifull and entertaining way. He has the best intentions and lots of knowlage about life. thanks to him, I love nature and flowers even more. Why? Because without flowers, WE'RE ALL SCREWED. Without the bee to polonate, earth will be dead within 4 years. You should be FUCKING greatfull for these flowers who are able to heal your illnes and give you the most honest, purest food there is: Honey. Without trees, we won't breathe and the air would always be dirty.also, you will have no fruit. And if you try to give him a bad name by mentioning drugs, BITE ME. We have ourselves to blame for using drugs. It's your choice to be killed by the substances of nature you can't handle. Weed, cocaine or any other drug was NEVER MEANT to be used this way. Infact, all of those plants are meant to be medacine. Some drugs are not meant to be used for humans so leave it alone. Even a poisinous plant has a purpose. It may be death to you, but it's food for the other. Plantman teaches to respect nature and spread the life around the world. Besides, he can do more than just create his Plantbarrier. Liiike: use his vines, grow more plants faster, use special powder to make his enemies fall asleep,bend flowers and plants to his will for defendse only and so much more.

So IGN: make up your mind before you decide to make a stupid list such as this. Also, there is no 'the best robot masters.' Because there arn't any. Typical that Metalman wason your list. and I couldn't care less that Elecman wasn't on it! I love ALL the robots. It's just that Elecman appeals most to me. So in short: SHUT YOUR STUPID ASS UP.

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