Fenrir Profile Picture

Name: Fenrir, Neara and Fury

Scientific Name: Deinogigantica Lupus (Terrible Giant Wolf)

Species: Wolf

Fenrir’s Length: 62meters Neara’s Length: 57meters Fury’s Length: 60meters

Fenrir’s Height: 41 meters Neara’s Height: 38meters Fury’s Length: 40meters

Abilities: Rapid Healing Factor, Natural Feel of Nature, Possible Mind Connection with Pack Members.

Info and Other: Fenrir and his pack appeared in Greenland along side Thor only a year after Akan Crater came to be. When discovered the three giant wolves attack and devoured human soldiers, but it wasn’t because they are man-eaters. After a few months the pack had moved from Greenland, down through Asia and finally to the Indonesia Islands where Akan Crater was eight hundred miles east from there. When there they stopped attacking humans and began preying on larger Kaiju. As it turns out, the reason they were preying on humans was because they were starving and Greenland had no more prey to sustain the three colossus canines.
How did they find Akan Crater? This was discovered when one of the islands in Indonesia was being deforested and was home to endanger Orangutan’s. The three Wolves that were named Fenrir, Neara, and Fury attacked the logging company and completely demolished all the equipment with ease. Its believed the wolves protect there natural word and can feel when they are needed. Almost as if the wolves are some sort of planet guardians, but scientist refuse to believe such mystic mumbo-jumbo. Instead, they believe that the reason they found the island was they have some sort of magnetic navigator, or just got lucky and that they attacked the logging company due to the fact saw the humans as a territorial threat.
It is a fact that there use to be more of Deinogigantica Lupus when many fossils were recently unearthed in parts of Greenland that were once too remote to reach. The species seems to have existed 70,000 years longer then Thor and a few mother kaiju species that have been uncovered in other parts of the world. So far, there are only three known giant wolves to live on the planet.
Fenrir is the oldest and Alpha member of the trio of wolves. Without a doubt, he’s in his prime age and an excellent leader that estimated age is as old as Thor’s is. Being observed, he tolerates humans to a certain extent and will even allow them to come extremely close, depending on how he takes the humans intentions and movements. From observation, Fenrir is neutral towards the human race and seems loyal towards innocents. Soldiers seem to be on his lowest of the toleration as all signs of military are attacked and destroyed on sight. It part way explains why he as well as his pack members attack and ate soldiers.
Neara is an older female that is a more experienced member and has a scar over her face to prove it. She is much older then Fenrir or Fury and is very mellow towards anything due to her old age. While Fenrir and Fury will do there best to avoid any human contact, Neara will seemingly seek them out for mere enjoyment. From her willingness to go near humans a lot was learned from her. Quite a bit of information came from just one old monster wolf. From her a well understanding of the species was revealed including breeding habits. Turns out these wolves are evolved or possible created even, to breed only a few select times in there life. Neara’s time passed long ago apparently and is now too old to produce puppies. From DNA evidence, Neara is only great cousins to each other and not related that closely.
Fury is an extremely aggressive, bad attitude and temperamental towards anything even his own pack mates. He seems slightly younger then Fenrir and acts like arrogant teenager or mistreated individual, as he is easy to anger and get worked up. If the word “Bitch” applied to male canines as it did females, Fury would be the perfect definition of the word. Fury hates humans and will avoid them if he is not trying to kill them, as he purposely will see humans as food. It’s unknown why he has such hate, but theories suggest primitive man or cultures abused him. One Theory is that he was the Fenrir wolf from Norse Mythology that was chained under a mountain by the God of Mischief, Loki. After all, Thor exists so maybe Loki did as well. Seems to fit in place, as that would indeed put any growing creature in an aggressive state of mind.
All three usually stay close, at least within a few miles of each other at most. Fury usually is running around in patrols while Neara and Fury are usually close by to each other near the center of the territory, around the colder almost artic parts of Akan Crater. There, they hunt large mammalian Kaiju and animals which kept them feed and sustain and therefore to prevent anymore predation to humans. A few times, they even come to humanities aid in times of need. Though Fury is nonetheless hateful to the end with humans, he simply can no deny the fact humans serve there part in the world too. Or so its theorized anyway. Down to it, the wolves don’t act so different from ordinary wolf species around the planet. Loyal, intelligent, compassionate, full of mystery and mystic meaning and scale of bonding to loved ones that not even humans could ever possible understand within millions of years. Wolves have always been mysterious and amazing, and the appearance of three massive wolves only brings more questions into the mix of both wild canines and kaiju alike.
As that said about there nature the wolves have many allies and alliances with other kaiju. Everything from saurian nomadic kaiju, to tribes of kaiju, to even evil kaiju that wish to destroy and rule over everything. It’s almost as if they are like peace keepers or some sort of council as they communicate and socialize with every possible creature to live. Well, Fenrir and Neara do anyway… Fury just stays to himself and tries ignoring most socializing unless it personally needs his involvement. When seeing the giant wolves communicate with another kaiju, it’s almost like them sitting down and actually talking as they yelp, yip, snarl and other canine noises in some sort of language that apparently all kaiju can understand. Sometimes it’s almost and comedic amusing and only adds to there mystery and only causes more questions that never get an answer.
The physical look of all three wolves varies. Each one looks almost like a separate wolf species all together. Neara almost looks like a domestic husky then a wolf, and Fury looks like something that belongs in a nightmare with his sleek and intimidating physical appearance. Scientists speculate that maybe when there was once more of this species, that there were separate forms to do certain tasks. Such as Warriors, scouts, and etc. But this is only a theory, it could just be coincidence that they look physical different.


Well once again i draged my ass up to do this stuff. i think i just dislike making furry monsters like Thor and Fenrir, idk, but either way i put this off for some dumbass reason... i think just being Fucking lazy. and i got lazy finally making the profile, so it kinda sucks
Well Fenrir is done. Fenrir was inspired by my fasnation with wolves, i love wolves cause there so mysteriously noble and a icon in many cultures. usualy as some sort of Diety or somthing. either way, wolves rock.
im also really terrible at drawing cats and dogs, so wolves including. if they look bad, its not intetional so dont chew me out about it.
im not sure what else to say... oh well, Enjoy.
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