Nava-Verse Archives #64: The Toxic Offender Picture

INDIVIDUAL: Toxie #6 is the name given to a synthetic entity created by Lord Reson('s minions consisting of Pafodatters and various demons) from the bodies of hundreds of Veksinporas (the creatures that in all likelihood were the inspiration for its design), Gluttony demons and various mechanical parts welded into their present forms from the raw materials that can be found in the Underworld by the Arcane Order's manual slaves. Toxie is prided by the aspiring Dark Lord as his greatest creation and ultimate weapon. Like the Skellen's creations, it is not a true Abomination since it had to be created manually and didn't just appear out of nowhere like true Abominations such as the Deferseara and Arma–Throtten. It's also unknown if the creature has a mind of any sort (unlikely), or if it is even truly alive.

Toxie #6 is a giant living and moving agent of pollution, toxicity and poison. Its body is constantly filled with volatile waste, venom from the Nava–Verse's most poisonous creatures, and ground up moon rocks. It literally breathes pollution that infects the air around it, and with each step it takes it injects poison into the ground with the giant needles on its feet. However, the monster's ultimate weapon is the very phallic stinger between its legs, which, when jammed into the ground, releases massive quantities of pure poison into the planet's crust, that seeps into its core and does serious damage, while also creating a permanent blighted area in the radius of the point of impact on the surface. In effect, Toxie quite literally rapes planets.

It can only be active for a few minutes due to using up its poison supply so rapidly and only being able to hold so much of it. Re–fueling Toxie is also problematic since the potent poisons it uses are difficult and hazardous to obtain. Thus, the Arcane Order can only use their ultimate weapon very sparingly.

Toxie #6 was first sighted in Age 805, making it a relatively recent creation, presumably. It was caught on camera by an anonymous individual in a flying machine overhead rampaging across the deserted planet of Xcythest for several minutes, probably as a test of its capabilities, before being beamed up into an Arcane Dreadnought which then zoomed away.

It is unknown what happened to Toxies #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5, assuming they even exist(ed). And Lord help us all if there is ever a Toxie #7. No measurements have yet been taken of #6's size or durability value.
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