Hetastuck: Iceland Picture

Yay for crossovers! So I drew this for my ask blog but what the heck, why not post it here? It's Fem!Iceland as a character/kid in Homestuck.

I did change her daggers later on though.

Title: ??? of Life

Age: 17

Typing style: Perfect grammar, similar to Dirk’s. Sometimes removes G’s in words ending in -ing and replaces with an apostrophe.

Strife Specibi: bladekind, dualbladekind (if that’s a thing? can it be?)

Fetch Modus: Tree (Rose’s)

Relations: Norway- sister/brother

Live(s) in: A small one-person apartment with a view. (Reykjavik, Iceland.)

Planet: Land of Fire and Ice (It's a nickname people use for the actual Iceland.)

Likes: Astrology, Photography, Landscape Painting, Mythology, Daggers, Bird Watching, Extreme Sports, Philosophy, etc.
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