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"For a long time I've been the leader of the Lavaridge Town Gym and master Fire Pokemon Trainer. I've got a strong team of Fire-type Pokemon with me, and I'm not so bad myself. But ever since I've joined this elite gathering of powerful women fighters, my skills have soared beyond levels I've only dreamed of, and I've learned quite a few new tricks myself. Knowledge of metallurgy, blacksmithing, craftsmanship, fire magic, martial arts, I've learned that and more. Now here I am, the very embodiment of the element I love the most: fire. Aside from that I'm also a skilled blacksmith and artificer, craftswoman, martial arts master, expert marksman, and a fire priestess to boot! I am so glad I became Sailor Senshi, and now I'm ready to learn more. Thirteen years I've traveled the stars beyond my homeworld, doing a great deal of service and gaining much experience. And I know in my heart that I'll keep on traveling, learning, and fighting to protect those who can't protect themselves. I'm proud of who I am right now. I am Flannery, leader of the Lavaridge Town Gym, Fire Pokemon Trainer extraordinaire, and Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors. Evildoers look out, for you'll be cleansed with my flame!" -Sailor Hephaestia, Soldier of Fire and the Forge, leader of the Lavaridge Town Gym, the Inferno Knight, Priestess of the Flame, the Lady Hephaestia.

One of the primary recruiting worlds of the Star Warriors is the Pokemon World, officially categorized in the galactic database as Alpha Centauri B. Located in the Alpha Centauri system, the one closest to our Earth, it is a central planet for Senshi recruitment. Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors who come from this world are unique amongst their sisters due to bringing along their animalistic companions, creatures known as Pokemon (from which Alpha Centauri B gets its common and popular name) that possess incredible elemental and psychic powers, and whom the humans of Alpha Centauri B have established a symbiotic relationship with. Pokemon and humans live in harmony with one another on this world, working with each other for the betterment of their species and their homeworld. Many are the women of this world who have joined the Star Warriors and brought their Pokemon along with them, each a specialist in one type of element. For the Senshi known as Sailor Hephaestia, the fire and the forge are her chief elemental power, an element she shares with her Pokemon.

Flannery is the leader of the Lavaridge Town Gym in the continental region known as Hoenn; she is a specialist in Fire-type Pokemon, a master expert with such creatures. Though one of the youngest Gym Leaders of her region, Flannery is an established and capable trainer in her own right, able to hold her own against more experienced Pokemon Trainers. As a person, Flannery is good-natured, kind, and perhaps a little clumsy given her youth, but she is an expert with fire, understanding much of its mysteries. Though not the first choice, Flannery was indeed chosen by the Star Warriors as one of their newest recruits during one of their recent recruitment tours across her homeworld; she was interested in traveling the stars and learning new things, as well as wanting to help others in a greater capacity than just that of a Gym Leader and Fire Pokemon specialist.

So did she join, undergoing the required training prior to her initiation. Whilst in the years of her training, Flannery learned more things that she never would've expected. She furthered her knowledge of Fire-type Pokemon, and took an interest in studying mythologies that involved fire deities, such as gods, for example. Her delving into the mysteries of fire also took on more practical applications; Flannery became a student in the arts of blacksmithing and craftsmanship, thus becoming a skilled artificer in her own right. She also studied chemistry, improving her knowledge of how fire and its variations came to be. In the esoteric, Flannery became a gifted practitioner of fire magic, becoming a highly capable pyromancer. By the time her initiation came, Flannery was now a skilled blacksmith, able artificer, expert craftsman, a pyromancer steeped in the lore of fire, and capable warrior in addition to her skills as a trainer of Fire-type Pokemon.

Thus did Flannery become initiated into the Order of the Star Warriors as Sailor Hephaestia, honoring the name of one of the most visible gods of fire in Earth's varied mythologies: Hephaestus, Greek god of fire, metal, and the forge. She named herself after him. Since her initiation 52 years ago, Flannery has given up her title and responsibilities of Gym Leader, passing the Lavaridge Town Gym over to her most trusted student. Now a full-time Senshi of the Star Warriors, Flannery lives a hermitic lifestyle, living from stronghold to stronghold and serving alongside her Senshi kin in any mission. Her skills as a Fire Pokemon Trainer have not dimmed in the slightest, and her skills as a blacksmith and artificer have grown, Flannery having forged remarkable pieces of technology and metallurgy in whatever forge she works in. As a pyromancer and fire priestess, Flannery is quite capable, though not on the level of some of the mightiest pyromancers that currently live. Within the Order of the Star Warriors, across the galaxy, and in her hometown of Lavaridge, Flannery is known as the Inferno Knight and Priestess of the Flame, twin titles which she is most proud of. As Sailor Hephaestia, Flannery is one of the best fire-type Senshi that exists.

Weapons and Items

Fire brooch- her Transformation Item, it wreaths Flannery in a corona of flame that eventually transmutes itself into her Senshi uniform, completing her transformation into Sailor Hephaestia.

Ignis Astraea- her primary firearm, Firestar, is a Godwyn De'az-pattern master-crafted bolter of Imperial design. Beautifully detailed with images of rushing flame and crafted by Flannery to fire waves of bolt rounds in quick succession, Firestar is an effective assault weapon in her hands. Only she can use it, as all her crafts are activated by magical seals and DNA-sensitive handgrips that respond only to her genetic structure.

Fornax Ferrum- her main Attack Item is a hammer of beautiful design. The haft is inlaid with gold wrought in the shape of writhing flame, and it features a silver spike upon the pommel with which to stab enemies but is actually a conduit once in contact with the earth. This hammer is Flannery's foremost magical item, capable of channeling potent fire energies and even spit flame. It is also the tool which she used to forge her present armor, and also in forging many other remarkable creations.

Dagger- a simple dagger made of fine titanium steel, it is inlaid with a small ruby in the pommel. Other than that, it's only a last-ditch weapon, not magical at all.

The Golden Carapace- Flannery's last piece of craftsmanship was not built for her, but rather for her Torkoal. The Coal Pokemon is clad in a beautiful carapace of adamantium sheathed in gold, with a bright ruby in the center. Imbued with spells and other such fire magics, the carapace is capable of amplifying all of Torkoal's attacks tenfold, resulting in greater destructive power added to Torkoal's fire attacks. It also renders Torkoal virtually invulnerable, as the gold-sheened adamantium, combined with Torkoal's natural shell, protects him from all but the most powerful weapons. Not even an anti-tank missile, plasma cannon, or Volkite thermal weapon fired at point-blank range can pierce the double armor that Torkoal wears.

Known attacks

Flame Serpent- conjured through Flannery's knowledge of fire magic, this attack takes the form of a writhing serpent made of flame. Flannery is capable of wielding it much like a whip and can also enlarge it to become immensely huge. The attack is capable of striking in multiple ways; it can breathe fire, spread out to cover a wide area, strike with all the force of a hammer, and cut through any material thanks to its heated edge. Flame Serpent, whilst not her most powerful attack, is undoubtedly the most versatile of her magical powers and is so remains a common attack used by Flannery.

Molten Stone Deluge- conjured once more through her skills of pyromancy, Flannery can telekinetically control molten rock (lava) to strike at enemies. She can drown enemies in a flood of molten lava, fire pieces of hardened lava at foes in the manner of a machine gun, and even create golems of stone and lava. The only drawback is that the attack can only occur if Flannery is near any volcano, no matter if it's active or dormant.

Fire Kiss- simple yet lethal, this attack involves the simplest act of kissing. Flannery performs a simple air kiss (blow kiss) in front of any enemy, with a feminine pose to add to the mix. What comes after, however, is no joke at all. A stream of superheated flame comes from that kiss and can rapidly envelop any enemy, burning them alive. The attack can also be widened to encompass a small area, leaving any foe within its range a smoldering wreck.

Volcano Rage Devastation- her Pokemon Torkoal is essential to this final attack. What happens is the following: Flannery performs another brilliant act of pyromancy that symbiotically links her to Torkoal, the two united as one in mind and soul. As a result, their inner flame burns even hotter, and their connection to the elements of earth and fire magnified to such a degree that both Flannery and Torkoal are capable of conjuring extremely powerful fire attacks as well as telekinetically controlling earth and lava around them. What is most commonly seen by outsiders is a destructive whirlwind of flying rocks, raging lava, and tornados of fire that strike at multiple enemies with ever-increasing power, with Flannery and her Pokemon standing in the center, directing the fiery chaos around them with incredible skill.


No longer leader of the Lavaridge Town Gym, Flannery has now devoted herself to being a full-time Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors, honing her skills further and further. Since her retirement, Flannery's service within the Order of the Star Warriors has skyrocketed, her roll of deeds increasing every year. Her Senshi sisters admire her greatly for what she's done over the past five decades. For fifty years, Flannery participated in numerous conflicts, rescued countless lives, undertook missions of every variety, and forged many incredible items for any to use and keep. Flannery does have a home north of Lavaridge Town, a hermitic place complete with its own forge, where she resides whilst not on duty. The citizens of Lavaridge Town often say they see great flashes of red and gold far to the north in the mountains beyond their city, and those who are sharp of hearing say they have heard the ring of a hammer and the roar of a forge working in the night. When not at home, everyone hears of the great deeds and exploits Flannery accomplishes out in the galactic void, and they are many. Her record of deeds include the following:

.Flannery was responsible for the salvation of an entire town on a highly volcanic planet in the southern rim of the Milky Way when it was in danger of being swamped by a tide of molten lava. Using her skills as a pyromancer, Flannery redirected the entire lava flow to move around the town and into a barren area of rock where the flow eventually hardened and became fertile ground years later.

.Chaos is the eternal enemy of all sentient life, as well as the sworn enemy of the Imperium of Man, a powerful ally residing in the galaxy adjacent to our own Milky Way. The powers and enemies of Chaos are legion; amongst them there is a powerful deity known as the Plaguelord, and he is said to be the creator of all disease in the galaxy. His followers are capable of spreading disease and decay to even the most healthy worlds, and it was on one such planet in the eastern edge of our galaxy, called by many as a "perfect Eden", that these putrid creatures released their foul sickness. Fire was absolutely essential to the cleansing of these monsters from that world, and so many forces that were sent to fight this enemy came loaded with flamethrowers, magma weapons, heat beams, and other such esoteric weapons that harnessed the power of fire. Among the most powerful of these forces was two teams of Star Warrior Senshi comprised entirely of Fire-type Senshi, Flannery counted amongst that number. For six months did the Senshi battle the servants of the Plaguelord alongside their allies, burning away the many diseases and plagues brought by the enemy with streams of fire. Flannery herself was responsible for the killing of three of the chief leaders of the plague host. In the end, the verdant planet was saved, but a cost. Over two million died defending it, and nearly half the planet was a scorched, diseased ruin. It would take decades for the world to return to its former beauty.

.There was once a Chaos daemon known as the Fell King that was utterly immune to all known forms of conventional and magical weaponry save those forged from an extremely rare metal known as palladium. At the present time, the metal was extremely hard to find, but amazingly a whole chunk the size of a meteorite was found on Earth. Quickly shipped to one of the many strongholds owned by the Star Warriors, it fell to Flannery to forge specialized weapons from the rare metal to combat the Fell King. For two weeks Flannery worked hard at the forge, using all her skill in blacksmithing and metallurgy to craft lethal swords, spears, and munitions that eventually proved deadly to the daemon. Where every other weapon failed to harm it, the palladium-forged weapons made by Flannery wounded the Fell King and eventually slew the creature, banishing its essence back to the hellish realm from whence it came. Flannery was credited with the daemon's slaying as much as the Senshi that wielded her creations; without her skill at the forge, slaying the daemon would have been otherwise impossible to achieve.

.Not all her duties involved violent conflict; one time, Flannery came upon a stricken village on Earth that was suffering from extremely low resources. Its people reduced to abject poverty, and with the local government unable to provide assistance, Flannery took it upon herself to help the villagers in any way she could. She lent the villagers her Torkoal to provide a portable source of power and warmth for them, since the town's electrical generators were shut down and so all the energy needed to power and warm their homes came from Torkoal, who maintained that duty for five days without rest. As for Flannery, she scoured the area west of the town in search of rare and precious metals that would help boost the town's economy and allow it to purchase the supplies it needed. Her search bore fruit; she unearthed sufficient amounts of usable metals and precious minerals such as gold and platinum. Bringing them back, she worked at a makeshift forge to craft beautiful statues and pendants of gold for the town to sell to outside buyers for exorbitant amounts of cash (which they eventually used to buy much-needed supplies), whilst freely giving away the remainder of her find for the villagers to use. Thanks to her selfless act of kindness, the town was able to get back on its feet and eventually prospered into the frontier town that it once was. Flannery left a content person, happy to have done another service, one that was eventually commended by her Senshi superiors a few years later.

A redo of this old… , now with a complete story. I really wanted to capture the essence of fire with this new artwork, and I must say I captured it quite well. Enjoy.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.
Pokemon belongs to Satoshi Tajiri and Pokemon Ltd.
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