No Longer Afraid (Senshistock contest entry) Picture

Wow this one was harder than I wanted it to be thanks to tablet issues and crashes, but finally I got it done. Done for :devsanshistock:'s In Perspective: A Stock + Art Contest. I am probably not going to even make the semi finals, but I don't care.

Why did I pick a character instead of drawing myself? Because honestly through DA this character is how a lot of people know me, well her or her partner, but I wasn't going to draw him. She has quite a few of my flaws, but she has strength that I don't, that I wish I did. Drawing comics of her has pushed me artistically. I never would have done a lot of the stuff I have if it hadn't been for her and the SM group I have been a part where I have used her.
But a lot of it is also the pose. I saw this pose and I had to attempt it. Because quite honestly this pose says "I won't back down. I won't be afraid anymore." This is something I want in my life, to no longer be afraid to try things. And this particular character has been helping with that a lot, so that's why I chose to draw a character of mine.
Now for a little more about the character. Most Sailor Moon fans will instantly be able to tell that yes, this is in fact a Sailor Moon Based character. Her name is Sailor Wing. On her world she is the senshi of Diligence, more specifically the "Diligent Wind" in her planet's mythology. In her civilian form she's really not the best at anything other than trying her best. She gets decent grades, but she studies hard. She does alright at sports, but is never the star, and may not even make the team. She is also a little shy at first, because unlike her sisters she isn't even the best as being social. In her senshi form she has magic to help her when just doing her best isn't enough.
This is another reason why this is the character I chose. I'm not the best at anything, I try as hard as I can, but sometimes I still fall short. She never gives up, and I want to be able to say that I don't give up either.

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