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At the Temple-

The sentinel lies inactive on the floor behind Major Blunt as she is confronted by three tall beings, one of whom carries a small rod which gives off some form of energy. It was this rod that the lead being used to deactivate the sentinel before it could react to their presence. Just as the sentinel hit the floor sentinel 2 entered the room, ahead of the party it was protecting. The lead being threw up a defensive screen with a wave of it's rod just as sentinel 2 let off a burst of fire from it's gattler. The projectiles bounced harmlessly off the force field and fell slowly to the floor. Annoyed at the obvious agression meted out by the machine the being fired a concentrated blast of energy from it's rod and sentinel 2 soon lay beside it's partner, deactivated.
Warrant officer Lawson entered the room at a dead run, along with his party, and came to a sudden stop on seeing the beings before him. Separating himself and his party from the beings and Major Blunt, he observed a shimmering blue energy which he took, correctly, to be a force field. The lead being, now satisfied that all danger was neutralised, removed her helmet amid gasps of disbelief from Lawson, his party and Diana. The being had Elven ears and was obviously female. She walked over to Diana and tore away the torque from her hands. Turning around she placed it back where Diana had found it. Walking back to Diana she came to a halt just before her. Diana was amazed at how tall she was. Seven feet if she was an inch. The being tilted her head down and sniffed the air about Diana, wrinkling her nose in disgust. Diana couldn't understand how the being could breathe in this toxic atmosphere but showed no signs of discomfort. It was then the being spoke in a language that she could not understand. Meanwhile the other two beings reholstered their weapons but remained where they stood, motionless yet alert.

Yhanna: Mitt nafn er Yhanna. Hvers vegna ert þú hér að stela frá okkar dánu ?.

Major Blunt: What is she saying Lawson, what language is that, do you know?.

WO Lawson: I think it's old Norse or Icelandic. She says her name is Yhanna and she wants to know why you are stealing from their dead.

Major Blunt: I think I understood the name bit, but Icelandic or Norse. Both of these are ancient Earth tongues. How would they know that?.


WO Lawson: I think she wants an answer quick.

Major Blunt: Tell her I don't speak her tongue.

Wo Lawson: OK!. Hún skilur ekki tungumál.

Yhanna nods in understanding.

Yhanna: Segðu henni að fjarlægja hjálm hennar.

WO Lawson: She wants you to take off your helmet major.

Major Blunt: WHAT?. Tell her I can't breathe in this atmosphere.

WO Lawson: Hún getur ekki andað í þessu andrúmslofti.

Yhanna: Já hún getur. Loftið á sviði er fullkomlega andar.

WO Lawson: She insists you can. Seemingly the air in the force field is perfectly breathable.

Major Blunt: I hope she is right. (Removes her helmet and finds the air suitable)

Yhanna: Þú verur lykt hræðileg. Yugh!

WO Lawson: She says you stink.

Major Blunt: How nice for her.

Yhanna places her left hand on Diana's forehead and activates her rod. Diana feels an energy source penetrating her head and feels a slight tension emanating from her brain. She understands in an instant that Yhanna is reading her thoughts digging deeper and deeper. Then Yhanna removes her hand and the rod powers down.

Major Blunt: (Concerned) Lawson?. Ask her what she just did there.

Yhanna: I can speak for myself.

Major Blunt: What did you just do?.

Yhanna: I connected with your thoughts. Those buried deep within your learning processes. The language you speak is known as English, yes?.

Major Blunt: Yes. It's one of the oldest languages from Earth now common to our species.

Yhanna: Yet the male over there speaks a little of my tongue. How so?.

Major Blunt: He went to language school. He understands a variety of tongues which is necessary for our work.

Yhanna: Stealing from tombs?.

Major Blunt: No, we weren't stealing, we're archeologists. We study ancient artefacts and seek out ancient civilisations to gain knowledge of the worlds about us.

Yhanna: You take from the dead that which is not yours. To me that means thief.

Major Blunt: No I wasn......

Yhanna: ENOUGH!. You come with us. You can explain to my Elder.

WO Lawson: HELL!. What should we do major?.

Yhanna: Do not be foolish. If agreed she will be returned to you unharmed. We know where your ships are. Return to them and await. We will let you know of her fate, what ever the Elder decides.

WO Lawson: Major?.

Major Blunt: Do as she says Lawson. Don't do anything silly. That's an order.

Yhanna: (Turns to the two guards) Komið, nú erum við aftur. Horfa á hana. (Come, we return now. Watch her.)

The Elves and Diana de-materialise before an astonished Lawson and his party, then the forcefield dissipates. Both sentinels regain power and after a quick reboot are reset and reactivated.

Dr Manson: Wow! Did I just witness that, I mean Elves for Christ's sake. Who the Hell's going to believe us?.

WO Lawson: I know but they are just going to have to. We just lost the major and that's going to be hard enough explaining without proof.

Dr Manson: We could always take that torque and one of the skulls.

WO Lawson: And end up like the major?. Didn't you just hear what that Elf woman said?.

Dr Manson: Yeah!. I know.

WO Lawson: Come on, lets get back to the Darwin and make our report. Let's hope someone up there believes in fairy tales.

The Elvin Station-

The Entourage materialises aboard what Diana takes as some kind of station in space. Diana is ordered to strip and complies without complaint. Her clothes are taken away for decontamination and Diana is ordered into a cubicle where she is subjected to some kind of cleansing gel which evaporates almost instantly. She is given back her heavy under suit, now decontaminated, and cuffed, hands in front with a reactive collar placed around her neck.

Yhanna: Follow me.

Diana is led along a corridor which curves around a central structure, extending above and below.

Diana: So tell me Yhanna, are you really Elves, or just something similar?.

Yhanna: Going by what I learned from your memories I can say we are without doubt that to which you refer.

Diana: I always thought that was just mythology or fairy tales.

Yhanna: (Smirks) And I always thought that midget blunt ears were just stories to frighten our young. Seems I was wrong too.

Diana: So how do you come to be here?. I mean you speak an ancient Earth tongue so either you were once on Earth or you chanced upon some travellers who taught you the language.

Yhanna: You have much to learn. No one taught us our language it was ours, once common among the Fae, you vermin stole it from us along with what you call Earth but we know as Ghia. It was our home before you were created. Your kind and those who created you drove us from our birthplace.

Diana: I don't understand. Not me personally. I've never been to Earth, never even seen it other than in pictures.

Yhanna: I was speaking collectively. No, your kind destroyed Ghia along with everything they touch and now you are here.

Diana: I'm sorry you feel that way but I don't think it was planned, destroying Earth I mean.

Yhanna: Oh it was planned. Planned by your creators. We originally came from a planet you called Mars and they came and ravaged it forcing us to move to Ghia. Luckily for us the previous inhabitants had long left, making their homes among the stars.

Diana: They?. You keep referring to they. Who are they, our creators?.

Yhanna: That is for the Elder to explain, if she so chooses.

Diana: Then explain who the previous inhabitants on Earth were?.

Yhanna: You do not know?.

Diana: No I don't. I was of the belief the Dinosaurs came before us.

Yhanna: You do know after all.

Diana: But they were just mindless reptiles.

Yhanna: So mindless they far excede your technology, even now?.

Diana: I don't understand. Are you saying they built craft and headed for the stars?.

Yhanna: They evolved just like us Fae, but you and your kind, you were created from us.

Diana: By whom?.

Yhanna: I've said too much as it is.

Diana: So where are you taking me now?.

Yhanna: We are going to see the Grand Elder, our Oracle. She will decide what is to become of you.

Coming in the Autumn. 'Dragonhyde'

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