Trullussk Picture


Scientific Name:
Trullar Sapiens - Armenta Unitaris

Planet of Origin:

Primary Alignment:
Sapient Unitariate

Net Karma:

Brief History:
The trullussk are not a large species, but they are from a huge planet. And they have big, big friends...

Trullar Pre-Contact:
Trullar is a large planet with fairly high gravity, with a dense atmosphere which makes for brilliant light effects as photons interact with various weather patterns. Dominated primarily by rolling plains and tundra, Trullar is also home to some of the universe's most impressive forms of megafauna; ranging up to hundreds of feet in height, these behemoths shake the ground with every step, eat as constantly as possible, and shit only every few years (although their shitting has been mythologized as a cause of seismic activity!) To see two fight over food or territory, is truly an epic sight.

On a smaller - if only slightly - scale, we have the Trullussk Herds. The largest in these generally didn't exceed about seventy to a hundred feet at the shoulder; yet arguably the most important member of these herds rarely exceeded four feet in height!

The trullussk evolved from a species of "watchers" for lack of a better term; visually accute, their tiny ancestors would warn the larger herdbeasts of pitfalls, predators, or other coming threats. "Watching" behaviors grew to encompass inter-herd mediation, social manipulation, and eventually leadership; speaking in the ancient, semi-mystic "Mouth of Beasts" the trullussk learned to not only guide, but even control the beasts of their herds. Thus the smallest became greatest, and not an eon too soon. For young and primal as Trullar was, it was about to encounter some rough changes indeed...

First Contact:
Over the next two millennia, Trullar would experience several waves of alien invaders. The first was the Rhazillassk; eager to claim the open plains of Trullar for their own and their various chieftains' use, the Domain of Rhaz displaced millions of trullussk and their herds making room for themselves. The second wave of invaders was the corchyllians; driving the rhazillassk from the planet, the Grand Culture of Corchys butchered the local ecosystem in an attempt to Corchyllify it, turn it into a "garden world" where their beauteous flowers would bloom everywhere. All at the expense of the rugged (yet to the corchyllians, unsightly) local flora and fauna; millions of creatures died, entire species were driven to extinction. Yet the trullussk and their herds persevered, even grew as more and more native animals joined them just for safety. They became a nuisance to their new conquerors, raiding colonies and depots with charging herds of behemoths that could shrug off copious amounts of firepower. This might have prompted the corchyllians to really bring the hammer down upon the trullussk pests, but there were more important matters elsewhere.

Enter the Sapient Unitariate.

Rise of the Unitariate - the Trullussk Space Age:
Corchyllian hold upon Trullar was faltering; with every trullussk raid on-world and every defeat off-world, their grip grew weaker and weaker. This was not necessarily a good thing. Bandits and slavers, poachers, opportunistic thugs and miscreants of every type descended on the primitive world, hoping to exploit both the corchyllians' weakness and the natives' lack of technology. Some did very well for themselves; others were crushed under the feet of giant beasts. All were swept aside when the Unitariate descended, full of triumph, to liberate the trullussk and uplift them to the stars.

The trullussk were wary, to say the least. Aliens had brought nothing good to their poor planet; driven them from their grazing grounds, twisted the lands and slaughtered the beasts. But they were willing to take a chance with the Sapient Unitariate. They didn't really have a choice.

The trullussk appraisal of their new masters is...mixed. Some revere them for their intercession, so very long ago; others see them as just as exploitative as the rhazillassk or corchyllians, which to be fair they sometimes are. Most fall somewhere in between, holding to ancient promises and ancient prejudices alike. Still, when the ossk call the trullussk answer. And then the enemies of the Unitariate can expect to hear the ground thunder, as giants tall as skyscrapers storm across their planets...

Physical Features:

Average Height/Length:
3-4 feet (male) up to 6 feet (female)

Healthy Weight:
190-500 pounds (depends on gender)

Rough vegetables, grain, fruits - plant matter, essentially.

Natural Lifespan:
90 years

Herdlike; the Trullussk are inseparable from their Herds, which is to say that they do not do well when not surrounded by herds of titanic beasts.

Small, compact, resistant to damage; keen senses. Can "beast talk" to fellow beings of Trullar, causing them to adhere to their will.

Small, not always the strongest creatures. Largely thought to be primitive; as often as not this is true.


Not so much tribal as "herd-based." Which is to say that Trullussk do not differentiate between their sentient tribesmen and beasts, at least in terms of social standing. The Trullussk may guide and command their beasts, but in the end they are but a small part of the larger herd; this common grain, this herd-mentality persists within all the variations of Trullussk culture, from the tribal and traditionalist to the modernized Unitariate loyalists.

While one just simply does not see Trullussk within the higher echelons of Unitariate government, it was figured out awhile ago that it is generally best to leave the organization and management of Trullussk beast-herds in Trullussk hands. They know best what they're doing, and are more inherently capable than any Ossk or other alien contrivance; their ways worked for millennia under severely trying conditions, so why not keep them going now? Thus issues between and within Trullussk herds are generally left up to the Trullussk; however they have little influence over the goings on outside their species' sphere of influence.

Trullussk do not make good soldiers, not alone at least; that said, you will never see a Trullussk on the battlefield without a beast. Indeed, the Trullussk Beast Corps is one of the most prolific - and terrifying - weapons in the Unitariate arsenal. Decked in armor, studded with gunnery turrets and blurred by energy shields, these creatures shake the ground with their stampede; some are small and fast, others thunder forward on legs as long as skyscrapers. And all are driven on by Trullussk riders...

Trullussk beasts are not just military monsters; they are often used for other purposes. Construction being chief among them; in general a Trullussk beast will devour tons and tons of grain and feed but this is all renewable, and generally returned in form of fertilizer by the epic shits they have been known to take! In the meantime their incredible size and strength, combined with a proliferation of tusks and trunks, makes them perfectly capable of many feats of construction; ones with huge digging claws can do the work of advanced scouring machines.

Trullussk are not famous for their criminal element. That said, it does exist; Trullussk are not so much valuable trafficking goods themselves, as a means to control the beasts which are. This, and a number of herds have gone rogue. Whether striking out on their own, seeking protection under some criminal or (worse!) extra-Unitariate aegis, or else just going feral, they have broken or forgotten the bonds their ancestors made with the Sapient Unitariate. Darker and more dangerous still are the ones who make pacts with the Animate Nethers, exploring levels of the universe no creature was meant to plumb...

"Trullussk don't do science" is the common understanding among the Ossk, often delivered with a hint of scorn. This is not entirely true. While the Trullussk as a species tend to lag behind the rest of the Unitariate in science and technology, their contributions to the general redoubt of civilization are based on neither, not directly anyway. Trullussk live and die by their beasts, which are bred and used for any number of functions in Unitariate society. They make use of any innovation which they can see is beneficial to their herds, from medicine to supplements and other health-enhancing commodities. A few even seek education and lend their minds to research, and Trullussk aid is never hard to find for innovators trying to make a new product that will benefit the herds. That said, Trullussk as a species do not depend overmuch on scientific inventions and luxuries, often preferring the primitive existence of their ancestors to many of the conveniences science could bring - and the strings-attached that come with it!

Trullussk religion is animistic, but contains many variations. Some worship an overarching Creator figure - "God" if you will - others have entire pantheons, while others still venerate the spirits of the land, the sky, the elements, the herd. Others have been secularized, but even these maintain a "spiritual" connection to their beasts, hold their herd and its interests in reverence that one might call religious.

Trullussk reproduction is tender, slow, and takes a long time. The male's penis has to navigate a large vaginal canal, and impart a lot of semen to impregnate eggs imparted to several uteri, by numerous clusters of ovaries. In the interests of maintaining the herd, Trullussk females - the least numerous of the gender - stay almost constantly pregnant.

Social Interaction:

Alien Interaction:

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