Hybris Saeser Picture

Pronounced "hai-bris sea-ser".

Age: 6.9 solar sweeps
Blood: Purple (Makara colored)
Sexuality: Bi, with a preference for girls (80/20)
Symbol: Greek staff symbol, symbolizing royalty.
Name Meaning:
Hybris: Spirit of Outrageous Behavior
Seaser: Variant of Caeser
Themes: Power, Mythology
Session Land: Land of Large Gears and Gold
Personality: He's very spirited and outgoing, although not exactly cheery. He's willing to fight anyone and everyone that comes along his path, but because he wants to prove himself to be strong. He has an interest in legends, and when not out, he likes to learn more about them. He doesn't talk to other people about things much, just gets energetic when caught up with them. He likes to think of himself as very edgy, although there are probably at least 42 more trolls that are edgier. He appears to have a giant ego, but underneath it's just like everyone else's.
Outfit: He wears a tank top with his symbol on it, and a bright red belt. His pants have diagonal gray stripes on them, and his bright red shoes match his belt. The belt is sometimes torn.
<>- Mikado Veneer- Not the best, but definitely not the worst.
<3<- Conrad Askein (crush)
Other Relationships:
Lusus: Lioncorndad- A lion with three unicorn horns instead of one.
Dancestor: Doimos Saeser (doy-moh): Always lost in his own head, thinking. He isn't warbly and insane, just quiet and shy. However, when you try to bullshit something past him, he won't take it. He'll make sure you don't disturb him for sweeps. Heir of Time.
Ancestor: Quaveler Lionmane: A high-ranking Subjugglator who had been conspiring for the throne since his teenage years. When he was about to put the first part of his plan into action, his house caught fire and he had to start from scratch. He didn't get back to conspiring in his lifetime, but he succeeded in making up stories and traveling to tell them.
Strife Specibus: staffkind
Trolltag: argenticGangster
Quirk: Replaces "a" with "æ" and "o" with "ø". He capitalizes as much as possible. (Aelright Fine Ill cøme øver if I haeve Tø)
Powers: As he is a purpleblood, he is vaguely familiar with chucklevoodoos, but doesn't like using them. Would rather bruteforce.
Weaknesses: His emotional intellect isn't very ahead, and his mental intellect doesn't extend very far.
God Tier: Theif of Time
Dream Planet: Derse
Hive: A spacious hive on the beach, decorated as best as he could while still having time to live in it. There's as much gold as he could find, especially. His windows are higher up, looking over the ocean and over the inland.
Hemospectrum: He was molded to believe that he's the best, but doesn't hate lowbloods. He just has a "friendly competition" with most.

insufferableoracle.tumblr.com. They are an amaze sprite maeker.
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