Be the airplane duck boy Picture

===> Be the airplane duck boy

You are now the Airplane Duck boy.

===> “Enter name”

Your name is Aviare Cygnin.

You appear to be and are an airplane pilot. A pretty good one too. Ever since you were a wriggler, you have always been fascinated in aircraft and the sky. When you were around four-and-a-half sweeps old, you tried to create a real airplane, made entirely out of duct tape, cardboard, and used plastic bottles. The result was disastrous. Even the thought of what happened then makes you shudder. You don’t actually own a plane, but rent one. You have other interests too, like astrology and oceanology.

You don’t really care about the hemospectrum, but happily embrace that you are a Teal blooded troll. Pretty high up there. Not to mention you are six-and-a-half sweeps old, about fourteen in human years Your lusus is a Swandad. You have a tall build, being about five foot eight, slim, and a little bit muscular.

If you were to engage in that game everyone would be playing, you’d be the Prince of Space. You would also be a Dersite dreamer. Whatever that means. That would mean your planet would be the land of Clouds and Frogs.

When your friends describe you, they usually think of you as the one to turn to. You are confident, welcoming, and a natural leader. Just as your lusus raised you to be. You do have an extremely aggressive side. Other words to describe you are exciting, ougoing, helpful, and adventurous. Your lusus tried to raise you to be polite, elegant, and corteous. You are also a bit flirty.

You wield the PANKIND strife, which you use when you’re just on land. It looks like a big frying pan used to bludgeon your enemies. In the air, you sometimes use your MISSILEKIND. But only on special occasions. You like the colorful sparks that fly out of it. You have the Trivia Fetch Modus.

Your trolltag is AERIATEDTRUMPETER [aT] and :> <and like to pUt the facE of your Lusus in your teXt. (begins with :> < and capitalizes random letters)

Matesprit: None
Moirail: None
Kismessis: None
Auspitice: None
[so alone : '( ]

A bit of explanation:
Aviare is based on the constellation of a swan, Cygnus. His name relates to aviation and aves (birds). His lasy name is Cygnini, which is the genus of a swan, just without the last 'i'. His elegance and flirtatiousness relates to how a swan is related to love, being the symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek mythology. His aggressive and protective side relates to how a swan will viciously attack intruders that threaten them, and are able to break arms or ribs. His horns are shaped like wings, and his symbol (which I messed up on) was supposed to be the constellation of Cygnus.

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