MSP - Phaeton's Power Picture

Name: Ishibashi Tokeisou
Meaning: Stone bridge blue passion flower
Age: 16
Birth sign: Largely, astronomy labels her as a Sagittarius, but she doesn't regard herself as one at all despite having some personality traits in common with people of that sign.
Blood Type: A
Hair colour: Her long curly hair is terra cotta red in color. It falls most of the way down her back.
Height: She’s not very tall, standing at 5’5’’ and weighing 136 lbs.

Talents: gardening, writing essays, organization
Fears: Cremnophobia (fear of precipices), pupaphobia (fear of puppets)
Dislikes: sports, being sick, sick people
Likes/Hobbies: flower arranging, botany
Favorite Mythological Animal: Centaur
Strengths: curiosity, energetic, school work
Weaknesses: high places, hospitals (and doctors in general), emotional attachments, she’s a very picky eater

Senshi Title: Soldier of Destruction
Introduction Speech: “I am the soldier of exploding stone, Sailorphaeton. Fall to the ground and beg for mercy.”
Planet: Phaeton
Symbol: Phaeton Planetary Symbol
Aura Color: teal
Colors: teal, dark brown, gold
Type of Character In Battle: Destructive with offensive tendencies
Weapon: golden sword
Senshi Personality: Her personality is darker and more intense than her civilian self. The change occurred when her planet was destroyed.

Henshin Phrase: Phaeton Destruction Power, Make Up
Henshin Item: Star Lip Rod
Henshin Sequence:
Realm of influence: Explosions with powers coming from rock
Elemental strengths: earth, fire, dark
Elemental weaknesses: water, light, ice

Name of Power: Destruction Sphere
Power Type: destructive
Description: She creates a ball of teal light in her hand and flings it at her target. When it lands, it explodes

Name of Power: Phaeton Blade Apparition
Power Type: summoning
Description: Calls forth her sword

Name of Power: Phaeton Petrifying Stone
Power Type: petrifying
Description: She reaches out and grabs her target, flooding their body with her energy. From the contact point, the target's body turns to stone. If they can get free before they turn completely to stone, their body will slowly return to normal. How quickly the stone spreads depends on Phaeton's strength and how powerful her target is.

Name of Power: Phaeton Asteroid Ignition
Power Type: offensive
Description: Her aura flares around her briefly and she spins once, raising her arms above her head as she spins. When she stops the spin, a red tinged teal glow appears over her hands. A shower of flaming rocks rains down on the area she is facing. The rocks explode when they make contact with something, sending sharp shards of rock everywhere.

Name of Power:Janken-pon
Power Type: random
Description: Phaeton challenges one character to a ‘janken-pon’ (rock-paper-scissors) match. Phaeton holds out her left hand, clenched into a fist, and says “Janken-pon” while shaking her fist to each syllable. Whatever the outcome determines what the attack will be. It’s possible for her to take damage from this attack if she looses. This is a table of the result based on what position Phaeton’s hand is in.
Gu (rock) – win The body of her opponent turns to stone.
Gu (rock) – loose Her body will gradually become stone. It’s not instantaneous as rock is one of her elements and she has more resistance to it.
Choki (scissors) – win Phaeton’s sword acts on its own and slashes at the looser, causing major damage.
Choki (scissors) – loose Phaeton’s sword acts on its own and slashes at the looser, causing major damage.
Pa (paper) – win The looser is blasted by one of Phaeton’s powers at random.
Pa (paper) – loose Phaeton is blasted by one of her opponent’s powers at random.
Ties are broken by repeated plays accompanied by three more fist pumps with "aiko desho!" ("isn't that a tie!").

ZOMG! This was due a couple days ago and I'd been so lost in doing commissions and getting ready for family coming for a visit that I completely forgot. so today turned into 'now, how fast can I sketch, ink, and colour an picture?'. Answer? This has been my all consuming obsession since I woke up this morning. I'm up at 7 am and it's not 12:30. Oy...

The theme for this round was power/talent. Rather than displaying her typical Destruction Sphere attack, I went with one of her more powerful ones, Phaeton Petrifying Stone. This attack hasn't shown up in the comic yet, nor has the Pawn she's fighting. (Her name is Flora, if you were wondering.) I also didn't want to do anything with her sword since I use that it almost everything.

Pose ref from *SenshiStock and `jademacalla
Characters are mine
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